Amazing Google’s ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ Tricks

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September 21, 2015

Well, Google has been one of the most favorite search engine’s online that was ever created in the web world since the inception of internet actually began in the 90s. A simple nerdy look-alike but very determined Larry Page’s creation was initially built for online searching and researching within the realms of his own university. Little did he expected from this simple yet powerful searching tool to take on the web world as the sole technology giant and trend-setter in the coming years. Millions of folks around the world search numerous amount of information through it today but what usually happens is that we type our query and end up either pressing enter on keyboard and or ‘search’ button on Google’s interface. But there is another button right by ‘search’ side named as ‘I am Feeling Lucky’. Therefore, today I am going to tell you about amazing Google’s ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ tricks that will dazzle you more about the brilliant functionalities of this exceptional search engine.

Amazing Google’s ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ Tricks

Mentioned below are some of the cool keywords that you can actually use with Google’s ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ feature to see some marvelous results and effects. Copy each word individually and then press ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ on the imminent search engine’s interface to see amazing Google’s ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ tricks.

  • Google Sphere
  • Who is cutest
  • elgoog
  • Google Gravity
  • Google Color
  • Let’s It’s Snow
  • Annoying Google
  • Rainbow Google
  • Do a Barrel Roll
  • Google Magic
  • Google Pacman
  • Epic Google

So, these were some of the keywords that we have gathered which you can use with the amazing Google’s ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ tricks and then you can see for yourself what great effects or results they may reveal unto you. However, one thing to note here is that whenever you will type a keyword Google will give you instant suggestions for it just at the bottom of those words, what you have to do is to ignore those suggestion and continue with typing the keyword fully and the pressing “I am Feeling Lucky’ in the end to see the anticipated effect.

We hope that these nutty funny crackers would prove to pass your time good and also would be able to open up your own mind with some other creative words you might think that can give you great effects with amazing Google’s ‘I am Feeling Lucky’ tricks. Share with us your insights after you have done some tricks on the comments section below. Thanks 🙂

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