10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

August 2, 2016

The world of action cameras has become a huge industry. Why is this? These cameras are being used, as a way to capture amazing stunts that are being broadcasted no social media sites such as YouTube. Due to these videos, many people are looking for ways in which they too can create these action scenes. When people see these videos, most often they are filmed with a GoPro Action Camera.

The problem is that the GoPro Action Camera is an expensive option, and many people who would love to do this simply cannot afford this camera. The basic edition, called the Hero, of the GoPro Action Camera costs around $200, and this has no bells or whistles on it. They do offer two other versions besides the basic, but expect to pay more for these. Hence, the price tag is a big factor for many when wanting one of these cameras.

In addition, there have been many complaints out there about the GoPro Action Camera being too bulky to really use all the time. They find that the mounting accessories are not easy to use, which automatically puts many consumers in the market for other alternatives. The good news is that due to the popularity of these types of cameras, there has been tons of more competition on the market, meaning you do have choices besides the GoPro Action Camera.

Drift Stealth 2Drift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

Perhaps the most popular alternative to the GoPro Action camera is the Drift Stealth 2. There are several features about this camera that make it a main competitor with the GoPro. Automatically, people are impressed as the designers, Drift Innovation, have been around for a while and have made quite a name for themselves in the camera market.

Some of the more impressive stats about the Drift Stealth 2 include:

  • It includes mounting gear and a 300 degree rotating lens, making it much easier to mount in just about any place that a person could want to put this camera

  • It does capture videos up to 1080p

  • Contains a 7 element lens for superior video quality

  • Captures slow motion videos at 720p

  • Has a 1.3 inches LCD display to utilize

  • Can control this camera with an app from your smartphone or computer

  • The battery can record videos for up to 3 hours

  • Supports a microSD card up to 32GB, that is not included, but is an option

Perhaps, most importantly, this camera is sold for around $85 via most online retailers. However, keep in mind that this camera is not waterproof, which is somewhat of a let-down for some people.

Contour ROAM3Drift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

The Contour ROAM3 is a great option for those who want a bit more to their camera in terms of endurance. The unit is waterproof, which is a huge plus for those who plan on filming some great action clips. Other features that make this a great camera include:

  • Supports various mounting features that are sold separately, however, these include surfboarding, skiing, biking and other sport activities.

  • Can record videos for around 3 ½ hours with the built in battery

  • Contains a 270 degree rotating lens

  • Has a built in mic

  • Can shoot 1080p videos

  • Supports 32 GB cards, but does include an 8 GB memory card with its purchase

A few of its flaws include the fact that there is no Wi-Fi connection with the camera, thus you do have to manually upload these videos to view. In addition, it seems that the camera does take quite a while to charge completely for use. The company offers several camera bundles in different price ranges. For those who want just the camera, they can expect to pay around $90 for the camera. However, their starter bundle, which includes a mount strap and charging kit, retails for around $134.

Xiaomi YIDrift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

The Xiaomi Company has been on the consumer market for a few years, and thus far has delivered products that have impressed. The YI action camera is another one of their products that many consumers are considering when they are purchasing an action camera. In fact, many people argue that this is the best action camera on the market.

A few of its highlights:

  • Has a 16MP Sony camera sensor

  • 155-degree wide angle lens

  • Supports 1080p video recording

  • Has several different modes including timed photo, time lapse mode and timed video

  • Supports Wi-Fi

  • Has a removable battery

  • LED screen for notifications about the battery

  • Utilizes a 64GB microSD card, which is not included

  • Allows for remote control via Bluetooth

  • Can preview live video while recording

However, we do have to point out that this camera is not waterproof. In addition, it will require that you purchase mounting equipment on your own. The camera itself costs around $77 via online markets.

SJCAM SJ5000Drift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

The SJCAM SJ5000 has become another popular alternative to GoPro Action cameras, as it has many features that will go head to head with this main camera. Some of its features include:

  • A 2 inch HD display to view recordings

  • Contains a Novatek and Panasonic 14 MP CMOS camera

  • 170 degree wide angle lens

  • Zoom up to 4X

  • Captures video at 1080p

  • Has numerous support mode including time lapse, burst and so forth

  • Does support Wi-Fi, and allows for control of the camera via android and iOS apps

  • Removable battery

  • Right out of the box, the camera includes several mounts, including waterproof housing, tripod adapter, helmet base, bicycle stand and the like for a total of 10 accessories

One negative about this camera is that the battery can only record around 70 minutes of footage. However, this can be overcome by simply having a spare battery to insert. This camera retails for $115.

Sony AS50Drift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

Sony is a name that is well known on the electronic market, including those cameras that the company produces. The AS50 is their attempt at competing against the GoPro Action camera, and it seems to stack up against the competitor rather well. The features include:

  • Contains a Zeiss 170-degree lens

  • Steady shot image stabilization, which is great for those action shots

  • Shots video in 1080p format

  • Does support 4K time lapse videos

  • Includes a microSD, microHMDA port for uploading and storing videos

  • Does contain a mic

  • It has a Wi-Fi connection making it easier to share videos

  • Is equipped with Bluetooth

  • They do offer a Live View option that is controlled via a watch, which is sold separately

  • You can utilize UStream which will capture real time videos streamed online

  • Battery records up to 150 minutes

  • Is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof

You can purchase the base version of the camera, which is just the camera cost around $199. For those who are interested in the watch addition, this can be purchased with the camera in a kit for $348.

Polaroid Cube+Drift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

Another high profile name in the camera world is Polaroid, and their Cube+ is one of the main competitors with the GoPro Action camera. This model is not to be confused with their other option the XS100i. The Cube+ is a more action packed camera for those looking to find an action camera.

The features of the Cube+ include:

  • A very compact design, making it easy to take with you wherever you go

  • 8 MP camera

  • 124 wide angle lens

  • Record videos in 1440P mode, for both fast and slow motion

  • Waterproof up to 30 feet without the case

  • A microSD card helps to capture the videos, which it comes with an 8GB card

  • Wireless support meaning that you can control the camera and watch videos in real time

  • Almost all the controls can be handled through an app

  • The camera is equipped with only two buttons to turn the camera on and off

  • The battery lasts for about an hour capturing video

  • Can record video while charging

  • It comes with numerous accessories out of the box including HDMI cable, helmet mount, handlebar mount and more

The camera retails for around $150.

Garmin Virb EliteDrift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

Garmin has become a household brand, thanks to the numerous electronic devices that the company provides. Their Virb Elite is a direct competitor with GoPro Action cameras, and it is actually priced at about the same. Thus, it is not a cheaper alternative, but many like the features that it includes and see it as a better alternative.

The features of the Garmin Virb Elite include:

  • A 146 degree camera lens for capturing video

  • A 16 MP CMOS camera sensor

  • Captures up to 1080p video

  • 1.4 inch display that helps in controlling all that the video camera is doing

  • Digital stabilization of video

  • Time lapse support

  • Can be integrated with other Garmin devices, such as GPS

  • Is equipped to handle Wi-Fi

  • Utilizes a microSD card for storing videos

  • Allows you to capture video for up to three hours with the battery

While all of these features makes it pretty impressive, it does not have some features that other cameras on the market has. For example, you cannot live stream and you cannot zoom in. For those who purchase this, they will find that it retails for $199. However, it does include the camera, microUSB cable, mounting hardware, and numerous other accessories.

MobiusDrift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

The Mobius camera is for those who are concerned with the size of the camera. This is perhaps one of the smallest action cameras on the market. In fact, many who have used this add this onto drones and aerial devices. The features of this camera include:

  • Records video in 1080p

  • Does allow for audio to be recorded

  • Has a time lapse mode

  • An LED light is used to indicate the different camera modes. For example, yellow, blue and red show different camera modes, while green shows that the camera is charging.

  • You can record up to 80 minutes of footage on one battery charge, and you can record while the battery is charging.

The camera does come with several accessories in the box including various mounts, mini tripod, car adaptor and the like. However, it is not waterproof without the purchase of another case. This camera retails for $74.

HTC ReDrift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

This camera is often one that attracts the eye of consumers due to its periscope design. Which does make the camera super portable. The features of the camera include:

  • 16 MP Sony CMOS camera sensor

  • 146 degree wide angle lens

  • Records video in 1080p

  • Does support 4x slow motion video recording

  • Has a grip sense that turns on when this camera is gripped

  • It is rated for water and dust resistance

  • Can connect to WiFi

  • Be used with Bluetooth

  • Utilizes a microSD card, which it includes an 8 GB card, but can use up to a 128GB card

  • It can record up to 100 minutes of continuous video on one battery life

Most of the mounts for this particular model is sold separately. It retails for $118 on online marketplaces. With the camera, the person will get a USB cable, guide and a lanyard to use with the camera.

Rollei Actioncam 420Drift-Stealth 10+ GoPro Alternatives Best Action Camera

This is one action camera that offers something a bit different than the competitors, thus it may be the preferred option for many consumers. It allows for the camera to be controlled with a remote controlled that you mount to your wrist, which is included with the camera. Other features of this camera include:

  • 12 MP camera

  • Allows for various video modes to be captured

  • Supports 180 degree turnover shooting

  • Has an LCD screen

  • Also can connect with Wi-Fi, so you can control this via applications on your mobile

  • The battery records up to 120 minutes of video

  • Does include a waterproof case

The entire package retails at $204. Which may be the same price as the GoPro Action camera however, it includes numerous accessories that make it a good all-around option.

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