10 Best GPU Overclocking Software for Windows

June 9, 2015

If we list the industries which demand extra all the time, then technology is always going to make it to the top and also at the first place. When I was introduced to a computer 512MB of RAM was far enough and now 4GB of RAM is getting common in smartphones. With the increase in quality of content (HD, full HD, 2k, 4k, and beyond) and the level of processing our modern software and apps requires, the needs are increasing.

But, we are never satisfied after a point. The same goes with the GPU our systems are holding. One day we are completely satisfied with 2GB or higher graphics storage and then we are finding it lacking to be compatible with the new game on the board. So, either you have to buy a new computer or upgrade the existing one or you can live up for a while by increasing the performance of existing one.

Best GPU Overclocking Software for Windows

Yes, it’s possible and here is a compilation of the best GPU overclocking software for Windows. Before start using any of them, there are few things you should be aware of. One, it will void the manufacturer’s warranty of the GPU you are using.

Second, it will affect the performance, health and heat robustness of the system and you may end up getting it completely off the working limits. The clocking will increase the performance but at this cost. So, you better make the final decision before beginning.

#1 MSI Afterburner

The user interface is the first reason behind its immense popularity while the second reason is its performance capabilities. It can easily let you tweak and change anything related to GPU and even CPU. It works for Windows and can help you play with the fan speed, performance mark, decrease or increase power clocks of the cores, and few more things.

MSI-Best-GPU-Overclocking-softwaer 10 Best GPU Overclocking Software for Windows

Because of a simple and cool looking UI, it is very easy to change things. You can even drag and drop the buttons and the left result will be carried as the current setting. It can also get integrated with Kombustor benchmarking tool if you want to take screenshots or statistics of the new performance. Changing setting is very easy and it works perfectly with Windows platform.


#2 AMD Catalyst Control Center

I have been using it over my Vaio laptop and it works best if you have a GPU from AMD brand. It is also known as Overdrive. The UI is not just simple but also cool and elegant enough to get addicted in no time. The software allows us to change GPU fan speed, CPU fan speed, the clock speed of the cores working at the grid and even change the 2D and 3D standard features.

MSI-Best-GPU-Overclocking-softwaer 10 Best GPU Overclocking Software for Windows

It works with AMD and ATI manufactured graphic cards and owns a better grip on the hardware than any other software. Easy pick and drop toggles are also there if you don’t find interesting entering numbers or changing settings through any unattractive way.


#3 Riva Tuner

If you are still using Windows XP or Vista, then Riva Tuner should be your choice. That’s because this software is still old in graphics so it doesn’t cost too much on the GPU performance for its own sake. But, when it comes to functionality, it can do things which any of the above-mentioned two software can.

It looks simple, but not that elegant at the current time because the GUI is at the next level with Windows 7, 8.1 and the upcoming Windows 10 OS versions. It is capable of altering fan speed, brightness, contrast and gamma elements of the display and clock speed at which GPU is operating.


#4 EVGA Precision X

This one looks like Winamp if you remember that old, but our favorite music listening software for the computer. EVGA Precision is its complete name and the X version is the one, you should be using at the current date on the calendar. It not only allows you to change settings but also monitors them continuously for any fatal activity. The in-game monitoring is the best feature you are going to ever get but only from this software.

If you are using a lot of Logitech manufactured hardware then the software works further better, probably at its best tuning. Core controller, Shader, memory controller, fan speed controller, etc., are the tools inside and they all work perfectly. Just like Winamp, it let you choose different skins and graphical elements, which helps the software to get personal with you.


#5 Sapphire TriXX

This one is the simplest looking software in this niche. Of course, it allows changing CPU core settings, fan speed, clock speed, memory disk and GPU voltage using its simple interface. It also allows you to create different profiles which make it easy for us to switch to any previous setting we have used and found better.

It works perfectly with AMD and ATI manufactured graphic cards and it also keeps a log file for future reference. So, set three different profiles and keep on selecting the one which perfectly fits a particular game at your end.


Final Words

Since there is a huge pricing involved in here as the health of your system is at stake. So, you should take the decision by considering all the factors. The only situation in which I will consider using such a software is when my GPU is old enough to die and I want to take out a little more juice before I completely get it replaced. Let me know your decision and thoughts in the discussion section. Peace.

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