Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery in Android & iPhone

April 21, 2016
Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery

There can be many instances where you would want to hide WhatsApp Images from gallery.

The WhatsApp Images can be hidden from the Gallery of both Android and iOS, but temporarily, i.e. it exists in real but is just hidden from you.

That’s just like how you hide a folder in Windows OS.

How are we going to hide the folder? What base logic does it uses?

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Logic Behind Hiding WhatsApp Images Folder from Gallery

How would you exactly tell your smartphone to hide a folder from showing it in the gallery?

The logic is super simple:

Hide the folder itself!

This way, your smartphone would not know about it’s existence and as a result, will hide the folder from appearing in gallery section of your smartphone.

Let’s move on to the different ways to hide WhatsApp Images from galleries of your Android and iPhone.

How to Hide WhatsApp Images folder from Gallery in Android

Android provides no direct option for turning off WhatsApp Images visibility from your gallery.

As a solution to this, there are 2 workarounds you can do to completely hide WhatsApp Images folder from your Android phone’s gallery:

  1. Renaming your WhatsApp Images folder.
  2. Adding a nomedia file to your WhatsApp Images folder.

Before you can carry out with the process, you’ll need a File Manager, with which you can do some extraordinary stuff. I’ll recommend you to install ES File Explorer.

You can follow any of these methods, all it aims at is, letting Android know to not show this folder in the gallery.

#1 – Renaming your WhatsApp Images folder

Steps to Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery in Android by renaming WhatsApp Images folder:

  1. Navigate to WhatsApp -> Media.
  2. Rename “WhatsApp Images” folder to “.WhatsApp Images“.

All the folders having a “.” at the start are considered as hidden and this will hide the folder from gallery as well as your SD Card.

#2 – Adding a nomedia file to your WhatsApp Images folder

Steps to Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery in Android by adding a .nomedia file:

  1. Navigate to WhatsApp -> Media -> WhatsApp Images.
  2. Create a new file, name it as “.nomedia“.

What this will do is, let Android know that there isn’t any media file here and hence, won’t appear in your gallery.

In case you wish to have the folder back, turn on “Show Hidden Files” option from your File Manager and remove the “.” from the folder name (if you used method 1) or delete the “.nomedia” file (if you used method 2)

How to Hide WhatsApp Images folder from Gallery in iPhone

As compared to Android, the process to hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery of your iPhone is super simple.

Steps to Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery in iPhone:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings.
  2. Navigate to Privacy section.
  3. Open up Photos section.
  4. Find WhatsApp and turn it off.

That’s it! With this done, you’ll no longer find your WhatsApp Images in your iPhone gallery. If at any time you want to get them back in your iPhone’s gallery, carry out the same process and turn the option on.

Final Words

This way, you can easily hide WhatsApp’s Images from appearing in the gallery section of your smartphone. While iPhone provides a super simple option to do it, Android needs a little longer workaround.

Which way would you like to hide your WhatsApp Images from Gallery? Know of any other methods? Comment below.

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