Hiding Text Messages On iPhone

November 1, 2015

Text messages are those communications which come under the category of personal or private things. Imagine someone texted you on your phone and while you’re away for a while, you left your phone in open premises and the worst of all if instead of notification your incoming message pops-up on the home screen, an invitation for all prying eyes to see its content. Embarrassing, right? Well, such is the problem with Apple’s famous iPhones as by default your messages are shown on the home screen instead of notification (I wonder why such lacking in a device like iPhone?). Anyways, worry no more as I am going to tell you today the ways by using which hiding text messages on iPhone will become possible for you. This will keep your secret a secret as well as save you from lots of other malice’s.

Hiding Text Messages On iPhone

Well, Apple had finally taken some notice of such a big loophole in security concerns and have crafted some set of settings in the iPhones which will make it possible for hiding text messages on iPhone. So here I will relate to you some of the steps which makes it possible for you to keep your texts private and personal from prying eyes. However, before proceeding, a word of caution is that if you do not enable the touch ID passcode functionality in your iPhone, you can never achieve the goal by using the steps I am about to tell. Therefore, make sure first that you have Touch ID or passcode enabled in your iPhone. Now, let u proceed to some steps we can take for hiding text messages on iPhone.

Turning Off Visibility On Lock Screen

This is a great option for hiding text messages on iPhone for those people who are extraordinary conscious about being private. To use this feature, go to notifications in the settings then messages and over there you need to swipe off the option “Show on Lock screen”. Now, when you receive any message not even a notification will be displayed for them on screen. Instead, the message will be decoded by sound or vibrate the phone if it’s on silent.

When you unlock your iPhone, you will be able to see a banner on the top of the screen showing all the messages arrived. This is because the Badge app icon is turned on. For maximum security, you can even turn off the Badge app option inside the same notification menu. Additionally in the same notification menu, you can turn off sound notifications and even disable the iPhone to notify you of any message alert. However, the downfall of turning off all these options is that you yourself won’t even know when you have received a message on your iPhone. So, I recommend going with a balanced way that deem fit for your environment.

Turning Of Show Preview

One of my favorite and most balanced way for hiding text messages on iPhone. In this setting, you only have to turn off the preview and the message won’t show on your home screen. Instead, only the name of the sender will be shown but not the message. Most people who use iPhone goes with this type of setting as it is not too extreme nor light, just balanced enough to keep your privacy intact.

To do this setting, go to settings in your iPhone and then to notifications. Over there you need to tap on “Messages” option. In the messages option go to the bottom of its settings and locate an option called “Show Previews”. Toggle off this option until the green is no longer visible. Now, whenever you receive a message like I said earlier, only the name of the sender will be shown on your home screen.

So, these were some of the best ways by which hiding text messages on iPhone is possible for you. Although, there is another one way available too which is of “Text forwarding” but the downfalls of the steps is much bigger than its benefits. To give you a brief introduction, when you turn on “Text Forwarding” in your iPhone your messages will go to your defined third party number instead of your own. Now, who is in this world with whom you can trust all of your personal communications and connections out there? I bet you might not go this way ever because of grave privacy concerns, therefore, I have not included this step in my guide. But the above two methods you can use with full freedom and have no fear whatsoever of prying. Let me know your feedback in comments.

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