How To Delete A Gmail Address

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July 1, 2015

Creating a new Gmail account is easy and fun but deleting the same is neither easy nor fun. This is because Google has hidden the delete button somewhere between its own ecosystem for its email service. Now, finding that button can be very tedious for you, that’s why I got you covered here in this guide titled, how to delete a Gmail address.

I already assumed that you have tried finding that drop Gmail account button in the Account settings or at the drop down menu inside which leads to Settings. But, you didn’t find the particular trigger you were looking for.

At the time of creating a new account, we just have to enter the personal account related details, accept the licence agreement and we are ready with our new email address and digital profile. But, at the time when we are looking to remove that digital profile, the process is not that short.

Process to Delete A Gmail Address

Particularly in the case of Gmail, I will still call the process, ‘Simple’ but it is not that short. So, your job now is to follow the instructions I have come up with here and I promise that you will see an end to your Google account. Although, I want to know why you want to delete it when we don’t have to pay for anything yet?

Step 1 – The first thing to do is to login into your Gmail account. I promise that this will be your last login session. But to proceed ahead, you need to login one more time.

Step 2 – Once you are inside the Gmail interface, click on the account name at top right corner (or the picture of your account) and then select ‘My Account’ option from that little drop down. Yes, click it!

Screen-Shot-2015-06-23-at-11.51.11-am-1024x523 How To Delete A Gmail Address

Step 3 – This will open a new page, which separately manages every account settings. At this screen, click on ‘Delete your account or services’ option which is tabbed at the bottom of third option list at your screen.

Screen-Shot-2015-06-23-at-11.51.11-am-1024x523 How To Delete A Gmail Address

Step 4 – Right there, click on ‘Delete Google Account and data’ option. The new page that will redirect and open now will ask you to enter the password of your account. This is to verify that you have full access to this account, so you have the right to delete it anyway.

Once you enter the correct password and login, you will see the option to follow to complete this deletion process. You have kept the patience so far, so I advise you to continue keeping it for a minute or two.

This will do the job which you were looking for. At this moment, Google has improved the way its email application works and looks. This is the reason why deleting the amount has become this simple and short.

Earlier, it was a real lengthy process and due to which it was not that easy for everyone. But, now I hope you are done with the requirement you came here and this guide helped you to do so in a simpler way. Let me know your thoughts or issues if any, in the discussion section. Peace.

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  • Reply sathishw.r July 3, 2015 at 7:02 am

    thanks for sharing……

  • Reply lindaallen024 February 2, 2017 at 9:25 am

    If you are frustrated with your Gmail account or your account is misbehaving, you can delete or disable it permanently,
    but after that
    1. you will not be able to restore your emails or data.
    2. you will lose complete access to your Gmail.
    3. you will not be allowed to recover your account again.

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