How to install MovieBox on iOS 8.1

June 4, 2015
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If you can, believe me, then there is a fight going between Apple developers and MovieBox developers. The application was not approved to be listed on the official iOS App Store. This left the developer with two options. Either make the app installable on jailbreaked devices or find out a way to make the app work without a jailbreak.

That’s what MovieBox developers finally came out with and they found a process that is even working on the Apple devices working on the latest version of iOS 8.1. This ensures that it is still possible to install MovieBox on iOS 8.1 without a jailbreak.


The process working this time is simple and it even fixes the issue which made the app crashed again and again. I recently shared a working method to fix the issue and it requires you to change the automatic update of date and time.

That trick was simple but silly. Yet, there was no other option we have. But, in this recently updated application, you don’t need to go through that silly thing again and so, things are getting better. Ready for the process?

Process to Install MovieBox on iOS 8.1 without a Jailbreak

Well, it is simple, short and works fine. I tried it on my iPad and the application was installed and working fine for two days before I wrote this guide. Following are the steps you have to go through and make sure you don’t skip any of them.

  1. Pick up your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Launch Safari web browser in it.
  3. Open this link over here in the Safari browser.
  4. Once that web page is opened, you need to simply click on Install button.
  5. It will begin the process of downloading and installation of the application. It won’t take any longer than a minute.
  6. After the installation is over, tap on ‘Trust’ button when it ask to provide permissions.

Done! The process is over and I hope you really liked it and found it effective and simple. This is the best method know at this moment for installing MovieBox on iPhone or iPad and that too without any need for a jailbreak.

If you haven’t updated your device yet with the latest version of iOS, then you can still check out my previous guide and many other by checking our homepage.

In case, if you are good to go with the jailbreak process and there are no emotions attached with the Apple’s warranty terms and conditions, then the MovieBox is going to work really at its best. It works superbly without any issues on devices which are jailbreaked. So, you have to choose between these two.

If you want to use MovieBox on your primary device, then I prefer going with the method I have described but in any other case i.e. if you don’t care for data on a particular device then jailbreaking it first and then installing MovieBox is always a better choice.

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