How to Install Whatsapp Without a Phone Number

April 14, 2016

WhatsApp is a great tool for everyday life and installing it is the first thing you should do when getting a mobile. Still, you might need to get the app without using your cell phone number.

Why Get WhatsApp

WhatsApp is an essential tool to everyday life. If you have family or friends abroad, or if you just need it to work, it is important that you can reach people in other countries without having to pay for it. That is why most of mobile phone users cannot imagine their lives without this smart little app. It is fast, stable and enables you to call and text unlimited across the planet. Still, there are some annoying features about it, among which the fact that you need your phone to get the confirmation code and install the app. In this article, we will give you some tricks to be able to install WhatsApp without having to enter your phone number.install-whatsapp-without-sim-mobile-number How to Install Whatsapp Without a Phone Number

Reasons Not to Use Your Number

There is various reasons for which entering your phone number can be inconvenient. You might try to install the app on your computer, following the loss of your phone. In that case you will be trapped, left with no alternative to communicate with your loved ones. Such a situation should not happen. Also, you might simply not have a connection other than Wi-Fi, which makes it impossible for you to receive the confirmation text. Whatever your problem is, these little hacks will save you a lot of time and worries.

First Method

Here is the first simple and fast method to install Whatsapp without using a phone number. Just follow these seven steps.

Download the Whatsapp application on your phone. The app will send a message to its servers, which is the way you will get the message. You have to prevent the message from being sent.

To stop the message from Whatsapp to the servers, just make sure that you do not have signal. The simplest way to do so is to active the flight mood. Whatsapp will not be able to send its message.

Whatsapp will ask you to identify in an alternative way. Choose to do it by text. Now you just put your e-mail address instead of your phone number. Once the SMS is sent, delete the call from Whatsapp to verify your identity.

Now you will need some text tricking. Apps such as Spoof Text Message will be suitable for the Android users, and Fake-a-Message app will be the one for those who are more Apple oriented.

Then, go to your sent messages, find the message and copy it right into the application that you have just downloaded.

If you are an iPhone user, use this: To: +447900347295 From: + (Country code) (Mobile number) – message: (your email address).

Now that you have obtained a fake number, you will shortly receive the message with the code that you need to complete the installation. Now you can use the fake number to communicate on Whatsapp without problems.

Even though this method is efficient, some might want to try another one. This first method is considered as the complicated one because she is more complex and might require some technical skills to be understood and performed without any problem. Trying to understand how phones and tools work is great, but some might not have the time or the desire to do so, and would go for a faster efficient method to solve their problem. For those who have less time and curiosity towards technologies, there is indeed another way to configure Whatsapp on your phone without needing to use your mobile number.

Second Method

This method is slightly faster than the first one, and will require the use of an app called Voxox. Here are the steps to achieve your goal.

As in the previous method, download Whatsapp on your mobile phone through the store.

Download Voxox, either on the Apple Store or on the Google Play store. This step is very important since the whole success of the operation rely on you using this app.

Once Voxox is downloaded, you will have to create a new account for yourself. This step is quite easy and has nothing more complicated than creating an account on any app.

Once logged-in, go to your details and to the category “More”. A number is waiting for you. Write it somewhere so you can easily access it when needed.

Go back to Whatsapp and when asked for your number, enter the number you have been given by Voxox. As for the country, select the United States.

You will have had received the needed code on your Voxox app. Now just confirm your Voxox number by entering the code on Whatsapp. You can now use your favorite communication tool without any bugs and without ever having to put your actual mobile number.

Hacks, Everyday Help

For every technical problem, there is a little hack that can make your life easier. Hacking Whatsapp by giving it a fake number is quite easy, as you might have understood. There is nothing illegal about it, even though it is not the way the application is supposed to be used. Experimenting what you can do with technology enables you to be more independent from the companies that release the apps and decide whether or not you can do something with it. Hacks are a great way to use your skills and to discover the numerous possibilities hidden behind everything we use on a regular basis.

How to Improve Your WhatsApp Experience

Internet is full of hacks, for Whatsapp and other applications, do not be afraid to have a look and to experiment some of these ideas. We hope this article has made it easier for you to install Whatsapp without giving your cellphone number away.

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