How To Get YouTube On your Kindle Device

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April 25, 2016

Kindle Fire is an awesome tablet that Amazon developed. The kindle Fire is a great tablet and it has overall great performance. Even though it runs on the Android system, it doesn’t allow you to download the android apps. Amazon has now developed the Kindle Fire, The Kindle Fire HD, and the Kindle Fire HDX. It doesn’t matter which Kindle you have, It will only allow you to download very few of the android apps and it doesn’t allow YouTube app to be How To Get YouTube On your Kindle Device

YouTube is the one app we all use to check out funny clips of videos or new movies and even tutorials. Kindle Fire users can’t do this cause it’s not installed on their device. People often get frustrated and this happens to be one of the number one complaints about the Kindle Fire. So how do we fix this problem? While today I’m going to go over installing YouTube for Kindle Fire.

If you search for it in the Amazon app store you will not find YouTube Just like you won’t find it on your device.

  • Make sure you have allowed your device to download from unknown sources. If you haven’t then this won’t work. So to do this you must go to the top menu and then click on MORE. Then go to device menu and turn on the allow insulation of application from unknown sources. Again this is a very important step; if this isn’t done you will not be able to get the YouTube App on your device.
  • Then go to the app store and install a File Manager or File Explorer app on your tablet. The ES File Explorer is a free app that you can download at the Kindle store.
  • To find the app open the browser and search for YouTube .apk for the latest version as you know all android apps have the .apk for their apps. Make sure you use a reliable download site to avoid future issues.
  • Tap the link to download to your device. You should see a notification telling you your app is being downloaded. Click OK
  • Now you must open the ES File Manger app or the file manager app that you downloaded on the left side tap local then drop down to the downloaded tab. This is all the files that you have downloaded to your Kindle Fire. You should see the YouTube apk. If it’s not there then there was an issue with the download and you must go back and try to download the YouTube app again.
  • Choose the file YouTube.apk this will bring up a new screen asking if you would like to install this app. It should look like this. Tap the next button. Wait a few minutes and the app will be installed.
  • Now go to your home screen and check to see the app there. Click on it and make sure you can open it. It should appear in the device section. If not you must find a different YouTube link to be downloaded. Like I said it must say .apk after it. These steps work for Kindle fire, Kindle fire HD, and Kindle Fire HDX. This is the best and easiest way to download YouTube to your Kindle.

It’s that easy. Now you can watch your favorite videos, movies, and tutorials, just like you would on all your other devices. Now if you started using it you will notice one thing, it will allow you to watch as many videos as you want but you can’t subscribe to any channel. This is another downfall to the kindle Fire.

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