Is Your Android Running Slow? Reasons Why You’re Android Runs Slow

July 27, 2015

Androids are mini computers. Like with computers, it starts to get slow after a passage of time is spent using them, and one among top issues you likely to experience with your smartphone as well is its getting slower and slower day by day. It’s actually a normal practice, so don’t get upset! But you should be asking why it happens? Today we let you know for the reasons why you’re Android runs slow after it is getting old and let you know some Tips and Tricks that can solve the issue for you to start enjoying its regular performance again.

Trace the Cause

You should have to trace the cause for slow speed first. It might happened due to some or a group of apps that keeps your Android’s processor speed slow, or a limited RAM capacity, the outdated handset might also be the culprit even. As soon as you got on a rational reason for the slow speed, you can rather effortlessly fix it.


Your Android handset is meant for working with certain media or gallery storage capacity. Over flooding those with unnecessary files while already there is a huge stock inside without deleting outdated pics or music numbers also lead you to same point of slow speed as well. So keep your handsets memory space within limits to avoid the issue for this particular reason.

Among the reasons why you’re Android runs slow, another is to uninstall the not in use or rarely used apps from your Android set to get some sigh of relief. Additionally, deleting unnecessary files help greatly to save you from slowing down issue for the space over flooding reason.

Some of the apps can trigger a slow speed issue as well and they do this in order to boost the speed of their own procedures by utilizing the phones data cache. Within limits its fine but if it is overloaded it can cause a slow speed issue in your Smartphone. Therefore, storage capacity must be well in your check, if it looks to be flooded with Caches, go to uninstall some apps at least to normalize your Android’s speed again. You can also disable the pre-installed unnecessary Apps from your Smartphone for the same purpose as well.

Do not forget to clean your handsets delete box time to time. Also check with miscellaneous file section and remove duplicates and whatever unnecessary files of no use from there. These all steps will help you to regain your Android’s normal speed if the issue is upstretched for one or more reasons from presented potential cause list.

Limit Widgets on Home Screen

This step also help eradicate the speed issues as well. It’s yet another form of reasons why you’re Android runs slow. Disable all the unnecessary Widgets from your Androids home screen that are not in use or used rarely. This way can also significantly enhance the speed of your handset.


It’s another section of your device that needs your concentration, pilling up of lots of Animations may trigger the speed issue at once. Check your phone to uninstall unnecessary Animations from it.

RAM Boost

Closing all unnecessary apps, animations, deleting useless stuff and all other mentions above will help relieve RAM storage space in your Android phone. In return, it will help boost the speed of your mobile phone automatically and you can again start enjoying your device with its top performance.

Restart Your Smartphone

Another mystery-trick is to restart your Android whenever its start troubling you with speed issues. This way all the unnecessary programs and apps shuts off by force that overriding the speed of your phone. However, if the issue is not because of apps or anything similar, then you should better check with the version of your phone and Android OS.

Proper Battery Settings

This is yet another way that help boost the speed of your Android phone. You need to set the battery on preferred “Data Saver Mode”. Bu executing this tip you’re Android will automatically cut down all unnecessary apps and programs that troubling the speed of your system.

So, have you found anything reasonable that helped you in this article? While you let us know this in the comments, keep searching for various other reasons why you’re Android runs slow because the list I created above is far from being complete.

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