12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

September 3, 2016

Regardless of whether you are utilizing a Computer or portable PC for individual use or for expert use, one of the principal concerns is to shield your valuable information. Your Computer is constantly brimming with much sort of imperative information. There are numerous odds that make your system crash and you are not able to recoup your valuable information again. It’s a truly appalling thought to think what might happen on the off chance that you lost every one of your data and there are no odds to recoup it once more again. Be that as it may, there are information recuperation apparatuses accessible in the market, which helps us to recoup our information from our computer’s hard drive.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a Linux operating system, then you should ponder that how you can spare or recuperate your information once your hard drive crashes. There is a great deal of Linux Data recuperation instruments accessible to dispose of the information safety issue. I have arranged a rundown of some best Linux Data recuperation tools that you might find helpful. The linux data recovery tools are:

  • Disk Doctorsrecovery-screenshot 12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

Disk Doctors Linux Data Recovery programming is an easy to understand device that permits you to recuperate information from the Linux Ext2 and Ext3 File System made from on any Linux Distribution. The greater part of the most predominant Linux circulations are upheld. These incorporate Suse Linux, Redhat Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Mandriva Linux, Slackware Linux, Caldera Linux, Kubuntu Linux, Gentoo Linux and some more.

  • Stellarrecovery-screenshot 12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

Stellar can recoup lost, formatted or erased information from your Linux based volumes. It can recuperate information from Ext4, Ext3, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 file system based Linux volumes. It can recuperate all your lost documents, catalogs and hard volumes. It can undoubtedly recoup information from all accessible hard drive sorts, including SCCI, SATA, EIDE and IDE. It has an easy to understand interface. It can picture your whole hard drive, volumes or whatever other chose locale.

  • Trinity rescue kitrecovery-screenshot 12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

It’s free software for Linux, which is outlined, with a sole purpose to recoup and repair operations. It has a simple to utilize scrollable content menu that permits any individual who aces a console and some English to perform upkeep and repair on a PC, going from password resetting over hard disk clean up to virus checking. We can use TRK in three ways:-

  • Use it as a bootable CD.
  • Use it from USB stick/hard disk.
  • Use it for the system over PXE.

On the off chance that we say more in regards to its elements than we will learn than it has basic and simple menu interface, 5 distinctive virus checking examines items coordinated into a solitary uniform, recuperation of lost allotments, departure of dying disks, full read and compose support.

  • Ddrescuerecovery-screenshot 12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

This tool is intended to duplicate information starting with one file then onto the next. This is extremely useful in recouping information from tainted or harmed disk. Ddrescuelog is an instrument that controls ddrescue log documents, indicates log record substance, changes over log documents to/from different formats, compress log documents, tests rescue status, and can erase a log record if the rescue is finished. Ddrescuelog operations can be limited to one or a few sections of the log file if the space setting options are utilized.

The essential operation of ddrescue is completely programmed. That is, you don’t need to sit tight for a mistake, stop the project, read the log, restart it from another position, and so forth. In any case, it’s not a live dispersion tool, but rather you can utilize it on a running Linux machine.

  • Test diskrecovery-screenshot 12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

It’s an open source programming, which is authorized under GNU overall population permit. It’s prevailing and free information recuperation programming. Test disk can help you in altering partition table, recuperating erased segment, settling FAT tables and modifying NTFS boot area. This software can recoup NTFS boot part from its reinforcement. Test disk has highlights for both whether it’s a learner and specialists. This software is anything but difficult to work even the individuals who have almost no information about information recuperation; they can likewise utilize it effortlessly.

  • Avira Rescue Systemrecovery-screenshot 12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

This is an open source application that can without much of a stretch access information over your framework or other harmed hard drive. It’s a GUI device; in any case, it’s somewhat difficult to install.

  • Gparted liverecovery-screenshot 12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

It’s a live dissemination that empowers clients to control segments on a drive. It underpins numerous file systems and permits you to resize, make and erase partitions.

  • Knoppixrecovery-screenshot 12+ Linux Data Recovery Tools

It’s one of the best instruments for recuperating information from adulterated machines. It comes as a Bootable CD rendition with an easy to use interface. It permits you to effortlessly mount a drive and after that duplicate the information. Knoppixcomes with a full weapons store of Linux commands.

  • System rescue CD

System rescue CD helps you to repair your hard disk and information after an accident and it is a Linux system salvage disk accessible as bootable CD-ROM or USB stick for administrating. This product offers numerous tools to handle different sorts of assignments, whether its partition control, record recuperation, hard drive testing or hard drive formatting. This information recuperation tool can be utilized for both Linux and Windows PCs and on desktops and also servers.

  • R-studio

This product has adaptable parameter and adjustable settings. It empowers clients to have complete control over information recuperation errands. This can recuperate documents from windows, FreeBSD/open BSD/NetBSD/solaris and Macintosh formatted hard drives. It can recuperate erased records from PC and purged documents from the junk. It can securely recuperate ruined files due infection, power disappointment or sudden shutdown.

  • F-Secure Rescue CD

This Linux information recuperation device depends on a Knnopix subsidiary of Linux OS, Which helps clients to run the product from the CD and check integrity of applications, which are installed. F Secure Rescue helps you to perform advanced information repair and recuperation operations effortlessly.


  • Information Recovery Linux Utility to Recover Back Your Data in Case of Partition Table Corruption

With technological progression, now you can introduce and utilize more than one working operating system on a solitary PC. This sort of design, which is known as double boot, offers you to appreciate the components of various working operating system. In any case, now and then, while making double boot operating systems with various Linux operating systems the metadata structure gets undermined. This sort of corruption results in the misfortune or inaccessibility of your profitable information and the requirement for cutting edge Linux information recuperation emerges to recoup the information back.

To arrange your system as double boot with another kind of Linux, you are attempting to introduce Fedora Core and come around an undermining blunder message. The message can be perused as underneath:

“The partition table on the gadget is ruined. To make new partitions it must be initialized, bringing about the loss of all information on this drive”

In the wake of experiencing the above mistake message, the operating system may boot with no unmistakable issue. In any case, on the off chance that you go to the System Tools → Hardware program, you will discover that the standard green bar for the hard drive is no more there. The operating system is not showing the hard drive volumes and in the event that you run the utility “fdisk” on the drive, you may get a long arrangement of error messages.


From the principal error message and the second one, it is certain that there is a conceivable debasement to the parcel table of your operating system. In Linux operating systems, partition table contains all the basic data about the hard drive allotments and these data are in fact to a great degree vital for the working operating systems to get to and deal with the partitions. Hence, if there happens any issue to the partition table, information in the drive turns out to be totally unavailable.

You can resolve the partition table debasement issues by organizing the hard drive and making a crisp establishment of Linux. With formatting, every one of your information from the drive will be eradicated and you have to re-establish them from a substantial reinforcement. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t have any legitimate reinforcement, the best way to recuperate your important information once more from the Linux hard drive is to run any effective information recuperation Linux programming.

Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery is one of the best-known Linux recuperation utilities of the recent time. This propelled utility is fit for recouping any of your lost, erased, arranged or blocked off information over from any Linux document system based volume. Also, the product is really simple to utilize even on the parts of new clients and can be helpful in all circumstances of information loss or unavailability.

  • LINUX Data Recuperation After File System Fatal Corruption

“fsck” or the ‘document operating system check’ is a operating system utility that checks the consistency of the record operating system in LINUX and all UNIX-like working frameworks. Once, the operating system distinguishes any irregularity in it, taking after any unsystematic system close down, this tool runs consequently amid the booting procedure. The fsck tool encourages repairing of the document system as determined by the client or there will be consequences, it can do the all alone naturally. Be that as it may, in some cases, fsck likewise neglects to settle certain mistakes and the information in your LINUX drive get to be out of reach from there on. In such cases, you have to search for any LINUX information recuperation utility to recoup back your profitable information.

For the most part, on account of an odd close down of the LINUX operating system taking after any power surge or power disappointment, the procedure of read or compose is interfered with out of the blue and subsequently, there happens defilement to the directory block that stores the data about the information. The fsck finds such changeability with glimmering blunder/error messages, taking after which the system even neglects to boot-up.

All the error messages point towards a solitary thing that there is a genuine debasement of the document system and might be because of the same, the working system is not able to get to the boot part of the PC. Whatever be the information misfortune circumstance, it is critical to recoup the information from the drive first. Subsequently, once fsck neglects to repair the corruption and the information stays out of reach, the best choice is to re-establish your data from the reinforcement. Be that as it may, if the reinforcement is not accessible or neglected to re-establish the information from the reinforcement server, have a go at running any LINUX information recuperation programming.

LINUX information recuperation programming is intended to recoup and re-establish the lost or difficult to reach information from any LINUX based drive regardless of the information misfortune circumstance. These applications give a rich graphical user interface and stepwise direction set, which encourage a smooth recuperation experience to the clients.

  • The most effective method to Recover Linux System When You Are Unable to Start It

The non-specific boot loader in Linux working operating system is the LiLo (short for Linux Loader). Utilizing LiLo as the bootloader, you can boot the Linux framework utilizing any boot gadget, for example, hard disk, USB, and so on. It is an exceptionally helpful segment that can either be put in the MBR (Master Boot Record) or in the boot allotment of your operating system. Now and again, you find that your operating system can’t begin showing arbitrary blunder/error messages. There is a significant probability that corruption in LiLo is the most unmistakable purpose for this. In such cases, you ought to step to perform information recuperation of Linux framework. On the off chance that none of the techniques succeed, then you ought to utilize an outsider Linux information recuperation programming.

Give us a chance to expect a situation in which you have a Linux framework, which is not beginning when you do as such. The accompanying blunder message is shown on the screen:

“The BIOS neglected to appropriately introduce the plate controller. You ought to control the BIOS setup parameters. A warm boot may help as well. (Boot a salvage circle and rerun LILO.)”

Cause: The conceivable reason for this wrong circumstance is that the descriptor table is degenerate or harmed. A Linux-based hard plate is separated into various obstructs that are further overseen into square gatherings. The portrayal of these gathering pieces is contained by a gathering square descriptor. To put it plainly, the descriptor table contains the record table of all the gathering piece descriptors.


To determine this issue, you can experiment with the accompanying strategies:

  • Check and confirm the plate parameters in the BIOS (Basic Input/Output Section) of your Linux framework.
  • After this, you ought to reinstall the LiLo subsequent to arranging the Linux framework. Having said that, you ought to ensure that you have the upgraded reinforcement of all your profitable information, before reinstalling the Linux framework.
  • Run fsck to settle any document framework related mistakes.

In any case, if the reinforcement is not overhauled you would not have any desire to hazard the current documents by designing the framework. In such cases, an outsider Linux information recuperation apparatus seeks your salvage that recoups information from Linux frameworks. Such Linux recuperation devices are extremely easy to utilize that require few ticks to recoup the difficult to reach information without harming the current substance.

The best Linux recuperation instrument in the business is Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery that recoups lost or unavailable information from Linux frameworks. Equipped for separating information from Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 document frameworks, this ext2 recuperation programming chips away at a few sorts of hard plates, for example, SATA, EIDE, SCSI, IDE, and so on. This ext3 recuperation utility performs information recuperation of Linux frameworks on Windows frameworks including Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

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