Locking Your Profile In Google Chrome

October 19, 2015

Web browsing is one of those matters that folks sometimes likes to keep private and secure. Thankfully, todays latest browsers supports such features with which you can completely lock or protect your web browsing activity from prying eyes. One of the most used browsers today is Google Chrome without a shadow of doubt. According to the online browsers usage stats worldwide, Google Chrome stands on the top number in most of the locations globally. So, there is a valid concern of security and privacy in Google Chrome for its users. Due to this concern I am writing today about the steps for locking your profile in Google Chrome to keep your browsing activities and other preferences completely secure from prying.


Google Chrome Profile Lock

Like the user account settings in Windows, you can also create a separate user account in Google Chrome. So much in the same way when you allow access to other users on your PC by creating their separate account in Windows you can also do the same on Google Chrome but in chrome they can be able to view or access your personal web surfing sector. So a one good way of locking your profile in Google Chrome is to actually put a password on it. After this there is no way left for anyone to get involved with your surfing history by any means. This feature was introduced in chrome by the late 2013 and since then became a hallmark option for privacy-conscious folks. Let us know see the steps for locking your profile in Google Chrome.

Steps For Locking Your Profile In Google Chrome

  • Open up your Google Chrome browser and type the following URL in the address bar followed by pressing enter in the end.
  • On this new page look for “Enable new profile management system” option and enable it.
  • Now restart your browser by clicking on “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom.
  • Now after relaunching go to settings and click on “Add person” there under “People” heading.
  • Now, select a profile pic and give this account a name.
  • Select “Control and view the websites this person visits…” under the two options given below.
  • Click on add button and the user will be created as a supervised account.
  • Now click on your primary chrome profile and click on “Exit and childlock” option.
  • Finally your Google Chrome will be locked and it will require your Gmail password to open now.

So this is the way for locking your profile in Google Chrome and keeping your browser secure and protected from prying concerns. Be sure to let us know your feedback about this article and or any other tips you want to share with us about Google Chrome.

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