10+ Malware Removal Tools for PC – Keep Your Computer Protected

June 16, 2016

We are living in an era where everything revolves around the internet. People use the net in every aspect of their lives from studies, downloading software, songs and movies to work and much more. However, the internet is also the most dangerous place to be in this century. Dangerous hackers are coming up with ways to install malware on systems in order to get access to personal information. If you don’t know what malware is; it’s malicious software that disrupts computer applications to gather sensitive and private information to gain access to a personal computer.

A single malware can cause lot of damage to your computer. This being the case, it’s important to keep your computer protected all the time from malware. Good news, we have done all the hardwork for you by compiling a list of the top and most popular malware removal programs for PC.

Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareMalwarebytes


  • Availabe on: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista (32-bit, 64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), Android
  • Price: $24.95

This is one of the best software that offers optimum malware detection and removal. Malwarebytes has a lot of helpful features that can assist both home and business users. The amazing part about this software is you don’t have to uninstall your antivirus program to run Malware Anti-Malware because the tool runs properly along with your antivirus tool. The Malware Anti-Malware basic version is powerful enough but you can also upgrade to a premium version to access other helpful features.

Kaspersky Internet SecurityKasperksy internet security


  • Availability: Windows
  • Price: $59.99 per year for one year

Kaspersky is also a great anti-malware that has been around for many years. This tool allows you an opportunity to use a multi protection as opposed to the typical single user protection system. This is a major advantage especially in this age of technology where we own more than one device that needs to be protected from malware. One of the main features about Kaspersky is its firewall which is termed by many as the best one available compared to other tools. This tool will keep your computer clean and free from any Trojan horses.

Adw CleanerAdwcleaner


This tool focuses on browser tabs and hijackers adware among others. Adw cleaner is an easy to use program and by just clicking scan, the software takes care of everything. This tool is able to arrest all malware and easily removes all infections to keep your computer safe. The Adw cleaner is a free tool and removes ads software, potentially undesirable Programs, toolbars and Hijacker. The tool comes with both clean and scan mode and it’s compatible with Windows XP and Vista.

Spyhunter 4Spyhunter


This is one of the best malware tools available on the market. The tool runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It handles all kinds of malware, rogue, antivirus programs, viruses and ransomware. This tool is certified as a platinum level anti-spyware program. Spyhunter 4 is more than an anti-malware tool because it protects the computer from spyware. The application features a variety of tools to protect you from different kinds of threats. It also comes with a Spyware HelpDesk which allows you to contact support for help.



Despite the fact that Spyhunter 4 is awesome software, it only works with Windows. On the other hand, Mackeeper can be used on Apple devices. This tool not only provides comprehensive protection for your system from viruses but also facilitates a variety of actions that improve functionality and productivity. The software cleans up the system, gets rid of junk files, cleans Ram and unnecessary apps while at the same time, keeps your files out of danger. Mackeeper allows you to access professional help whether you are having small or huge viruses. The tool also scans the files you download and helps you to browse the net safely.



This is one of the most common anti malware tools for Apple systems. The tool comes with extra features aside from detecting and removing potential malware. Macbooster monitors the computer at all times and tracks how efficient your system is working. Lately, Macbooster has added new features that have made the tool stand out more in the market. You can now use the software to safely delete items, manage iTunes files, clean out junk and identify files that are too big or duplicate.

Regcure Proregcure-pro


Regcure protects your system from malware and cleans the computer as well. This software gets rid of junk from your computer without deleting any important documents. After you scan once you’ve downloaded the software, Regcure Pro makes it easy to identify where the problems are and lets you choose what you want to delete and keep. This software addresses registry and system errors too. This software has been voted by many users as the best when it comes to malware.



Computer users love using Quickheal for a couple of reasons. One of the major roles of this software is to get rid of viruses. If you are willing to upgrade to the Pro version, you can use the software to perform more duties apart from fighting malware. This software offers impeccable firewall protection that stops other networks from connecting to yours to use your server resources. In addition, this software keeps any malicious codes sent through websites at bay. Quickheal also helps you to fight malware sent through emails thus enabling you to stay safe all the time when browsing.

Avast Internet Securityavast-internet-security


This is one of the traditional anti-malware software that still tops the market. This malware removal software safeguards the firewall against malicious threats. This software scans and checks the computer system regularly to remove any harmful files from the computer. One of the most popular features of Avast is VPN Network Access that allows users to enjoy high secured browsing experience.

StopZilla Malware Killerstopzilla scan-results


This anti-malware software is capable of getting rid of threats from your computer system thanks to its dual anti-virus specifications. The software has a real time function that keeps in a constant scan routine and in turn keeps the computer protected 24/7. This tool is amazing when it comes to finding hidden infections from the computer system through its deep scanning technology.

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