MovieBox not opening on iOS 8? This is how to fix it

June 4, 2016

There’s nothing more irritating than trying to open an app, only to have it crash on you. You’re taking a break from life for a second, maybe you just setting in with some snacks and are all ready to veg out.

And then your Moviebox app crashes. Break spoiled.

This is unfortunately starting to become a common theme for a lot of frustrated Moviebox users who have updated their devices to run IOS 8. And since most Apple devices are now running IOS 8, crashing seems to be all Moviebox is good for.

And hey, we know you’ve probably been looking for a way to fix whatever is wrong with your app, but there is no solution given by Apple, since the Moviebox isn’t in the app store.

So what should you do, aside from throwing your phone or tablet?

Well don’t chuck your phone or tablet at the wall just yet, because we’ve got a solution to your Moviebox problem and you can get back to relaxing with the library of options offered by the app.

Repairing your Moviebox (sort of)

  • Step one – Once the inevitable crash happens, close the app.
  • Step two – However, as you probably know by now with all the experience you’ve been having, you’ll need to complete the process by force quitting the application. If you aren’t familiar, use this guide.
  • Step three – Now that your Moviebox app is closed and not causing trouble, go into the Settings section of your phone or tablet and make sure after you select Settings that it is on the General tab.
  • Step four – In the General tab, you need to select the Date and Time option.
  • Step five – In Date and Time, set the date to September 1, 2014. Something really important to remember is you MUST turn off the automatic time and date update function while you take this step. Set the time to whatever you want (though we recommend it matches real time).
  • Step six – After you do this, go to your home screen.
  • Step seven – Now, you’ll need to go back to your Date and Time settings and turn your automatic updates back on for the Moviebox app to work.
  • Step eight – Once done with turning on the updates, go out of setting and launch the Moviebox app.

Voila, your Moviebox is now operational! Settle back down with your snacks and watch something fun.

What was the secret?

The secret behind this fix is really pretty simple. Well, there were eight steps to this simple solution, but we wouldn’t say they were complicated. In any case, since the creators of the Moviebox app have not (or really, cannont) renewed their app’s certificates, the app continually crashes.

However, since the date you manually input was at a time when there were valid certificates for the app, the Moviebox app will function normally. And when you turned the automatic updates back on, a data package of fresh, valid certificates was received by your phone (or tablet).

Is the Moviebox fix permanent?

So you know how you had to turn the automatic updates for your Date and Time settings on? Well, your device will catch up with your Moviebox fix and reset to the proper time the next time an automatic update occurs.

Sadly, there is no other established solution for this issue, as the IOS 8 update disabled the technique that allowed this app to function as it was intended.

However, when the crash happens again, if you just run through these steps again, you can get back to watching shows and keep the Moviebox app problem at bay, at least until the next automatic update. And really, it’s a free app that lets you stream tons of movies, so what’s a little work compared to that? Honestly, not much.

Something to consider

Now, why would Apple do that, you wonder? Well, to put it simply, what the app Moviebox does is illegal, and so the Apple Store refuses to carry a product that is basically a torrenting (aka illegal file sharing) app. And since this app isn’t through the App Store, there is no help to be found there to permanently fix this app since the developers have abandoned it.

Proceed with caution

While we wish you many entertaining hours of enjoyable movie watching, we do recommend proceeding with caution. While the Moviebox app does not require you to jailbreak you phone or tablet to torrent videos like other apps such as Popcorn Time (which we really don’t recommend, since jailbreaking your device voids the warranty), it is an illegal app and there could be problems with the shared files you’ll receive.

So just keep that in mind as you go to reset your device’s settings when Moviebox inevitably crashes again.

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