How to Reopen Previously Closed Tab In Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE

July 12, 2016

The internet has become a great platform for people who use it for different reasons. If you’re a regular web user, you’ll appreciate the fact that a number of internet web browsers have come up making it easier and more enjoyable to be on the internet. However, have you ever found yourself in a situation where you mistakenly close your internet browsing taps or your web browser suddenly freezes and shuts down? It can be frustrating try to open the last pages you were on before closing the tab. It is cumbersome if you have to begin reopening multiple pages all over again.

You don’t need to go through this stress because modern web browsers have introduced mechanisms to quickly and effortlessly restore closed tabs. You don’t have to start a new session and reopen your tabs all over again. In this article, we’re going to discuss the procedure of how to reopen recently closed tabs using different browsers. Depending on the browser you’re using, you should be able to find a procedure that will make things easier for you so that next time it happens; you know exactly what needs to be done.

How To Open A Closed Tab in Google Chrome
Open-A-Closed-Tab-in-Google-Chrome How to Reopen Previously Closed Tab In Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE

Google Chrome is one of the most common web browsers used by many internet users. Coincidentally, it has the simplest and fastest way to restore closed tabs. You only need to press Ctrl+Shift+ T to restore your last closed tabs. Alternatively, in the title bar, right click and select reopen closed tab from the popup menu that appears. Also, pressing Ctrl+H to access the history tab will take you to the pages you had previously visited the session ended. You simply need to click on the page title to reopen it again.

Fortunately, Google Chrome recalls the last 10 tabs that were previously opened. If you want to access all of them at once, repeatedly press CTRL+SHIFT+T. To make this the default option, go to Chrome settings and select the option of going back to where you left when the browser restarts. In addition, Session Manager or Session Buddy extensions are great tools for reopening previous tab sessions.

How To Open A Closed Tab in Mozilla Firefox
Open-A-Closed-Tab-in-Google-Chrome How to Reopen Previously Closed Tab In Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE

The procedure of restoring closed tabs on Firefox is similar to Google Chrome. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+T instantly opens the previously closed session. Just like Google Chrome, you can also click on the title bar but the option displayed in Firefox is “Undo Closed Tab” and not “Reopen Closed Tab” for Chrome. Similarly, Firefox also allows you to use history tab to restore closed tabs. Here, click on the Firefox button, go to history and select Recently Closed Tabs that appear on the drop down menu.

Normally, you have the option of either choosing the tabs you want reopened or restore all tabs. Repeatedly pressing CTRL+SHIFT+T will open all closed tabs maintaining the order they had been closed. If the list of closed tabs is long, you can click on Clear Closed Tabs list to clear the list. When Mozilla Firefox crashes, it automatically prompts you to restore the previous session when you run the web browser once again. In addition, if you accidentally click on the close button, a warning message flashes to warn you are about to close multiple tabs.

Firefox permits you to go to Settings and adjust them to allow you proceed from where you left off when you re-launch the browser. This web browser also comes with a Session Manager extension to enable you restore, manage and save tab sessions.


Just like Google and Firefox, it is possible to reopen accidentally closed tabs in Opera. To do this, find the tiny recycle bin icon located on the tab’s bar right side and choose your tab from the drop menu that appears. To access most recently closed tabs, press CTRL+SHIFT+T to restore tabs. On the other hand, if you want to reopen multiple tabs, repeatedly press CTRL+SHIFT+T or choose reopen closed tabs. In other words, your tabs are restored exactly the same way they were before. When you select Clear List of Closed Tabs, it will automatically clear the list of closed tabs.


Safari from Apple has an extremely simple way of restoring tabs you have accidentally closed. The shortcut to use is pressing Cmd+Z which instantly brings back the last tab that was open before the browser was closed. In the case of restoring multiple tabs, go to the history tab using Option+ Cmd+ 2 and click on the tabs you need reopened. If you accidentally close the entire browser window with multiple tabs, simply go to the History tab and click on “Reopen All Windows From Last Session”.

Internet Explorer

To restore the previous tab that was open, CTRL+SHIFT+T which is the same shortcut for Chrome and Firefox will reopen the last tab. Alternatively, you can go to history tab and individually click on the tabs you want to reopen. IE is superb when it comes to restoring an entire browser window with multiple tabs. If you need to recover all your tabs, simply open a new tab and select Reopen last browsing session. Alternatively, you can also select a tab from the popup menu that appears or select Open all closed tabs option to recover all tables that had been previously opened before the session was interrupted. Fortunately, this option can be found under the tools menu for selected older versions of Internet Explorer.

This guide is helpful because it will save you a lot of time when trying to restore previously closed tabs. Many of us tend to start new sessions afresh because we don’t know how to restore accidentally closed tabs and windows. From the tutorial, you’ll realize that having simple and straightforward commands at your fingertips will save you a great deal of time. All the most commonly used web browsers have been included to ensure you never lose your pages in the event that you accidentally close your web browser or it crashes unexpectedly. One major similarity with a majority of browsers is they use CTRL+H to access the History tab.

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