7+ Best Rapportive Alternatives

November 2, 2016

With the growing number of people using emails as their main mode of communication and passing relevant information, we tend to get tones of emails on a daily basis. Most of these emails are from familiar sources or contacts, but a number of them are from unknown sources and hence there is need to familiarize ourselves with the sender before providing any information. Many at times, we find ourselves forced to curse the internet to find profiles and accounts of the anonymous people from whom we receive the emails. This was rather a tiresome process since it required too much time and made communication via email unproductive compared to what they already were. In most cases, tech-savvy individuals would find it rather difficult to know the true identity of the sender, hence this knowledge was only limited to power users of Gmail who knew the current situation and it led them to scouting for advance technology to make it easier finding the profiles of the individuals across the internet.

There is an increased use of social CRM widgets across the world which allows users to open specified URLs on any incoming call activity and also provides web pages to the client’s interface. In the initial days, people got familiarized to using one of the basic CRM widgets that is rapportive.

What Is Rapportive?

Rapportive is among the first social CRM tools that was powerful and was widely used by people to conduct a background check of people and it clearly provided detailed information from profiles hosted in other different accounts or networks. All these could be located with so much ease as a sidebar widget on Gmail accounts.

Rapportive was developed by LinkedIn in 2012 as it is usually the case with many, if not all, useful startups. It later on underwent a main revamping around in 2014 improving its features compared to what it used to be back when it was being launched. To date, rapportive is still known for providing browser add-ons and extra Gmail extensions.

Recently rapportive’s CRM widget was under fire from TechCrunch when it stated that it is ‘Really Messed Up right now!’

How Has It Changed?

In 2014, LinkedIn acquired rapportive CRM widget as part of its developments and revamped it into a new look and software for more productivity among its users. Accustomed to every tech acquisition made, LinkedIn was forced to adjust this tool and make it more affiliated to its operation as compared to offering values to the end user. To this effect, some of the features in rapportive were reduced to complement LinkedIn e.g. Raplets which was one of the best features in rapportive and notes.

Raplets were opt-in widgets, which always permitted users to add up extra information to the tool that pulled user details from different web sources such as GitHub, Quora, Klout, Tumblr and many more, in addition to their Facebook and Twitter profiles.

After undergoing several changes across the years and with changed ownership too rapportive has been affected severely. This has led to its downfall and lowering of the quality of its services. Rapportive isn’t anymore the data aggregation power house that at one time used to be. Despite the efforts being made to be actively organized, it has generally lost quite a number of its usual functionality through its way. This has made the development of new alternatives possible and some of the best have been mentioned below:

Best Rapportive Alternatives

The current Tech disruption that has been caused has led to the formation of new alternatives to maintain or include some of the favorite features that might have been discontinued. Here are some of the best alternatives mentioned around and will surely make emailing enjoyable again;

  1. FullContact for Gmailfullcontact1

It is a chrome plugin that shows the social profiles of the person you’re exchanging emails with. The plugin lets you to find the social profiles of a contact from your Gmail Inbox. It allows deep connection with the contacts allowing them to browse their Facebook posts, twitter feeds and images, and you don’t even have to leave your inbox. It also enables one to make notes and tag people.

Fullcontact also features the capability of syncing contacts across the mobile devices using Google. If a person representing an institution is trying to contact you, the plugin also collects information about the institution and will let you know the important information such as company size, demographics and locations.


  • Social login necessary
  • Only Supports Google Chrome
  • Only Supports Gmail
  1. Sidekick by Hubspotsidekick-by-hubspot1

This is another upgrade from Hubspot that provides an email extension for Gmail, Microsoft outlook and Apple mail. It gives the users an exclusive insight into their Emails, their provided contacts and connections that make their Email messages a little bit smarter. Signing up is extremely easy since it only requires email address. It also gives people the opportunity to form a team among its members despite giving their personal details.

There are added features where you can get notifications about your email and whether they have been sent and read too. One can view the senders’ details from their social media along with their details uploaded in their sidekick accounts. A unique feature about sidekick is that users are provided with some templates to choose from or start with an account with.

An upcoming upgrade is that there will be an opportunity to send Emails and also schedule them depending on time and location of the recipient hence sending Emails at the time that is best for them.

Sidekick also curates details that is detailed like when the email was opened and how many times it has been viewed by the recipients. There is a possibility to track the user’s activities in their social media and updates made in their sites all this are at the comfort of your inbox. It supports lots of add-ons for Salesforce, Hubspot, Outlook and Applemail.


  • Sidekick account creation necessary
  • It only supports Google Chrome
  • 3rd party support for Salesforce and Hubspot
  • Supports Gmail, Apple mail and Outlook
  1. Discover.lydiscover-ly_1

Discover.ly is also another good San Francisco based startup, backed by Salesforce, which brings the best of all the social media platforms. It was launched back in October 2014 with a free app, which works within Gmail to reveal all your email addressees’ social accounts. The founder Theodore says he created the equipment to modernize the networking power of social media. The technology needs users to download a browser add-on.

It offers all the best features from Rapportive and lets irrespective of the info being connected to their LinkedIn profile or not. Info from different social profiles is reachable from other networks, including recent tweets and mutual friends.

Discover.ly measures the context of relationships that is the type and number of social media relations between connections. That means users can control the quality of contacts’ relationships and try to leverage just the strongest connections.

It works just like rapportive used to. However, they have taken necessary steps to take the network to a whole new level by addition of more info from a person’s social profiles.


  • Social connect necessary
  • Only Supports Google Chrome
  • Only Supports Gmail
  1. Vibe Appvibe-app1

It is another ultimate alternative to rapportive that is more comprehensive in terms of user interaction since it offers snapshots of the people in question. This application is rather limited to only the restricted people who have registered to the main account to get access to the main tool.

It provides detailed information about the person in question when hovering over their email address. It gives details about their social media status, and social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google contacts, LinkedIn and many other available services in the internet.

The vibe app is effective in that it gives the person description to the last detail according to the application and information downloaded like the organizations involved, favorite topics associated with, websites and uploaded photo in his profiles.

An upgrade about vibe compared to other CRM widgets is that it has a plugin for Mozilla Firefox and can work even outside the Gmail inbox. It is truly efficient since all one requires is a registered email address to kick starting the whole new experience.

The vibe application is highly accurate since it covers a wider base and it has a number of sources in the web to locate any kind of data and has a best in class accuracy because of its data researchers. It also provides the above information within a very tiny time frames to your CRM or when using the vibe application. It is among the highly recommended CRMs to use as an alternative of rapportive.


  • The user should have a vibe account
  • It supports Firefox, Google chrome, IOS, android and Mac
  • It can work anywhere.
  1. Connect 6connect6

Connect 6 is another alternative platform used to contact people, discover new contacts and view profiles. Recently, it has launched a chrome extension where people can look into a person’s available information. One outstanding feature about connect 6 is the way that it is geared towards a more professional audience that aim at discovering peoples contact details and their social accounts.

In terms of its use, one only needs to install the extension from chrome web store and allow it to access the browsing activity. One of the advantages of connect 6, is its large pull of data sources where it shows publicly accessible details of a person all across the web. In addition to this, the CRM widget also gives back contact details which are starred by default.

It works anywhere on the internet even outside your Gmail account. It provides the users with an option to connect with each other via LinkedIn on the side bar. One needs to register for an account to experience the features provided in connect 6. It is known that the developers behind connect 6 are the ones who created Liveoffice that was developed by Symantec back in 2012.


  • A connect 6 account creation is necessary
  • It only supports Google Chrome
  • It works outside email.
  1. Falcon.iofalcon-io_

This is another rapportive alternative that is rather decent and it is based in New York. This start up is effective in that it offers a social discovery device among its features. One of the cons about falcon.io, however, is mainly its lower end when it comes to features but the tool extracts a totally comprehensive about me profile which is highly detailed and also provides their Google plus links. Falcon.io has a wide data source platform which is important in providing information across fourteen social media networks including Tweetdeck, Hackernews, Quora, Twitter, Behance and so on.

This CRM widget will let you ultimately search for anybody anywhere in a tiny time span. It is very user friendly in that it only involves hovering over a person’s email address or their social media profile through your browser that brings a sidebar window, which will pop up with all the details it could extract. Falcon.io supports many social media profiles that make this device an absolute yes as a great alternative to rapportive.


  • Only Supports Google Chrome
  • It works outside the web browser.
  • No account creation needed
  1. AboutNumber for Gmailaboutnumber-for-gmail

AboutNumber is another Google chrome plug in that brings rapportive to your Gmail inbox. It works in a manner almost identical to that of rapportive. AboutNumber is a nice minimalist social discovery app. Like FullContact, it also does contain a note section at the bottom that enables one to store user specific info to it.

The CRM tool is equipped with a feature that allows one to view a person’s necessary information like designations, jobs, profile picture, social profiles and company. To get started with the app, verification of the users’ mobile number is needed in addition to logging in with your Gmail account. This is a great minimalistic alternate to what the good old rapportive CRM tools did.


  • It only supports Google chrome
  • It works only with Gmail.
  • Mobile number verification and login with Google is necessary.

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