How to Remove Yourself From a Facebook Group [Quick Tips]

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June 27, 2015

We all have experienced the plus and negative sides of the Facebook platform. Even if we have experienced a lot of annoying things on this platform, we still continue using it to stay connected with mainly our friends and also our work network. Out of all those annoying features offered by this social networking giant, notifications from Groups is one of them.

It is so vast that every person gets a Group related notification many times in a week. It happens every week, right? If it’s getting too much for you, then its time to get yourself removed from Groups you no longer want to be part of.

facebook-group-icon How to Remove Yourself From a Facebook Group [Quick Tips]

I know it, that it happens on automation. In most of the cases, we are not sure when we got added in a particular Group or who added us. Although we get a detailed notification related to the same, explaining everything we want to know, but it easily hides among other important notifications.

Quickly Remove Yourself From a Facebook Group

So, in order to help you find an escape here, I am writing a detailed guide on how to remove yourself from a Facebook Group. This help guide is going to be quick at its job and I can assure that you will no longer be able to receive anything from the particular Groups you will remove yourself now.

Yes, it is possible that you not only remove yourself from a group but also make sure that no one is ever allowed to add you back into the same crap or annoying sub-platform of gossips you are not interested to participate in.

The information you needed to know is enough now. So, let’s get on to the main steps you need to go through.

Step 1 – Login in your Facebook account first. I am explaining the steps here which I tried on the computer, not on the Facebook application for smartphones and tablets.

Step 2 – From the left sidebar, click on More option where you generally find the Groups.

Step 3– Over there, move into Groups section and you will see a list of them, you are a member of.

Step 4 – Select the group you want to remove yourself from now and let it open completely.

Step 5 – Now, under its cover page on left-hand side, you will see a Gear button. Yes, the setting icon! Click on the same.

Step 7 – Click on Remove button from the little drop down menu underneath and a pop-up will appear.

facebook-group-icon How to Remove Yourself From a Facebook Group [Quick Tips]

Step 8 – You can select an option that will stop anyone from adding you again to this Group and hit the Remove button.

Done! The process is over. Was it quick and simple?

Do share your experience in the discussion section beneath. If you did find any issues or want to know any other related thing on Facebook, then explain yourself and allow me to help you further. Peace.

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