7 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2016

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May 2, 2016
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In the past, the process of designing a blog was extremely frustrating because you not only needed to understand various web design principles, you were supposed to be proficient when it came to writing code using various web development languages. Even today, a lot of people still don’t know how to write website code but fortunately, the introduction of blogger templates has simplified a great deal the hassle one has to go through to successfully create an online platform. As time continues to go by, a lot of best blogger templates have continued to emerge creating an opportunity for millions of people across the globe to comfortably design impressive blogs.

In this article, we shall be discussing the best blogger templates that you can choose to use for your project. In these days when search engine optimization cannot be ignored, it’s good to choose a blogger template which is SEO Optimized because everyone now wants to top search engine rankings. The era of worrying how code can affect the performance of your website is long gone. These days, you can comfortably select a blogger template of your choice and communicate to the rest of the online community.

It is wise to choose a responsive blogger template because these days, a lot of people are now accessing online content via smartphones and tablets. You need to make sure you don’t lose your audience because they’re unable to access your site since it lacks a mobile version. The top blogger templates discussed in this article are ideal for any online platform because they are both responsive and SEO Optimized which means you can be assured of good results.

It doesn’t mean every blogger template out there is appropriate for your project. Before you make any selection, there are features that you need to watch out for.

The blogger templates featured in this list have an incredible rating in terms of performance, reliability and efficiency. However, there are 2 key features that are commonly associated with the best blogger templates and they include; SEO Optimized and highly responsive. Other features associated with these templates include; User friendliness, Quick loading of pages, Easy customization, Footer Link Removal among others.

Brand Mag UX Responsive Blogger Template

Live Demo: http://promagtheme.blogspot.co.ke/

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B13LE37n93cdb0RySGo2OERxU1k/view?pref=2&pli=1

theme-tin-tuc-blogspot 7 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2016

The unique and biggest advantage of Brand Mag UX is the highly interactive and user friendly interface. The rich color scheme used is also a reflection of the theme’s prowess aside from other great features that accompany this blogging template. Brand Mag UX comes with two columns, 4 footer column and 1 3D image slider. As a SEO friendly template, you can be assured your site will rank well in major search engines.

The template’s fully responsive design means a site is mobile friendly and can be accessed from mobile gadgets. This blogger template comes with an automatic ‘read more’ feature and automatic summary. Also, the template is ad friendly and has a sticky navigation bar.

Minimum Theme for Blogger

Demo: http://www.blogtipsntricks.com/p/demo.html?url=http://minimum-blogger-theme.blogspot.in/

Download: http://www.blogtipsntricks.com/2013/01/minimum-responsive-blogger-template.html

theme-tin-tuc-blogspot 7 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2016

Just as the name suggests, this template is a simple yet powerful template that enables bloggers and other web designers to effortlessly build sites within a short period of time. The major features that come with this template are a nice and clean responsive layout meaning your site can be accessed on both PC as well as mobile platforms.

This template is SEO optimized and comes with 2 navigation menus plus a customized homepage layout. There’s also a threaded comments section to facilitate readers to comment on various topics. In addition, custom heading tags are included in this template. From the features, it’s easy to say this template is one of the favorites for bloggers.

Copyblogger v2 Responsive Blogger Template

Demo: http://copyblogger-responsive-template.blogspot.co.ke/

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B13LE37n93cdN3FrTjEyUmJqeGs/view?pref=2&pli=1

theme-tin-tuc-blogspot 7 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2016

If you’re looking for a catchy and interactive template that will present your content in the best way possible, copyblogger v2 is your ideal blogger template. Some of the key features accompanying this template include a simple and fully responsive design that allows mobile viewing as well as SEO optimization features which ensure good search engine rankings. Copyblogger v2 is also ad friendly and has fast page load times. Navigation is simplified thanks to 2 drop down menus that make it easier to access other website pages.

News Pro Theme

Demo: http://newspro-theme.blogspot.co.ke/

Preview: http://www.seobloggertemplates.com/2013/12/news-pro-responsive-blogger-template.html

theme-tin-tuc-blogspot 7 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2016

News Pro Theme is an excellent blogger template for users in need of a template that not only has an excellent design but creatively arranges content for the purposes of better reading. Some of the key highlights of this theme include a responsive design meaning users with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can access your site. Furthermore, News Pro is retina ready and ad sense ready.

Since it’s a SEO optimized template, you can be sure your content will rank well on major site engines. A lot of users love this template because it has an excellent user friendly interface. If you’re looking for a blogger template that can earn you some money, News Pro is Adsense ready. For better post navigation, there is a Related Posts section where you can see similar posts.

Geek’s Gadget Blogger Template

Demo: http://www.templateism.com/p/preview.html?url=http://geeksgadgettheme.blogspot.com/

Download: http://www.templateism.com/2013/03/geeks-gadget-blogger-template.html

theme-tin-tuc-blogspot 7 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2016

If you’re a modern user who appreciates modern blogger templates with a variety of cool features, Geek’s Gadget blogger template is the perfect fit for you. Aside from a highly interactive and engaging user interface, this template is accompanied by great features that make the blogger template a favorite for users.

To begin with, this template is known for its floating header as well as Featured Advertisement Spots where you can post your ads in visible places that visitors will see clearly. Other great features include social sharing buttons, Fixed Wrapper as well as SEO Optimized for better search engine rankings.

Max Mag Responsive Blogger Template

Demo: http://maxmagdemo.blogspot.co.ke/

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B13LE37n93cdeEkzWERNOWdNYTA/view?pref=2&pli=1

theme-tin-tuc-blogspot 7 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2016

This is an excellent theme adapted from WordPress which comes packed with numerous cool features not only to enhance usability but functionality as well. As a magazine style blogger template, its ideal for users who’re intending to build WordPress magazine styled sites. Therefore as expected of any magazine template, this blogger template has a threaded commenting system which makes it easier for visitors to leave their comments regarding different topics.

Furthermore, there is a section of Related Posts as well as Ad support. As expected of a good blogger template, Max Mag is highly responsive meaning it can be comfortably accessed by mobile platform users. On the other hand, this template is SEO friendly coupled with clean code. There is also a sticky drop down menu for easier site navigation as well as a Featured Posts section.

Sensational Responsive Blogger Template

Demo: http://sensational-blogger-template.blogspot.co.ke/

Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B13LE37n93cdemJneXducVBoTGs/view?pref=2&pli=1

theme-tin-tuc-blogspot 7 Best Responsive Blogger Templates 2016

Sensational Responsive blogger template is yet another captivating and powerful template ideal for users who’re keen on getting good results both in performance as well as in usability. This template is SEO friendly therefore, your site will have good search engine rankings. In addition, this template has clean and well-designed code, magazine style, 100% responsive design, social icon widgets as well as a sticky menu bar. Sensational blogger template has 2 columns and 1 sidebar. This blogger template is also adapted from WordPress.

The above are some of the best blogger templates 2016, there are several blogger templates you can try out but the ones discussed above have been handpicked based on good performance and top ratings.

Procedure for Uploading Blogger Templates to your Blog

After you have selected your favorite blogger template, the next thing is to have it uploaded to your blog. In case you’re not familiar with the process, follow the procedure below.

  • Go to Blogger.com and use your credentials to log into your account.

  • Select the blog that you want to put a different template

  • Click on the Template tab

  • Ensure a backup of your current template is saved before beginning the process of uploading a new one.

  • Click on Backup/Restore option to download your current active template

  • Select the template you wish to have and click on Upload.

There you have it; you can have your preferred template blogger uploaded on your blog.

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