Running Google Chrome Faster on Android

August 5, 2015

Android users mostly wish to have Chrome Browser on their handsets, including bookmark and history supportive ones, users mostly love them. Nevertheless, with the passage of time it has gone a bit lethargic and outdated, a big downside Chrome needs to rectify. In the meantime I will let you know some ways that will add flavor to your use of Chrome browser on your Android device with boosted speed. Use these tips for running Google chrome faster on Android that are as follows below:

Clear Cache on Your Device

This is a great trick! It will do a lot to boost the speed of your device, no matter what apps or features you’re using. This way you will help remove all unnecessary or temporary data from your Android device, which consequently help boost the speed of your device for sure.

How to remove cache from your device? To do this you need to go into Settings App > Click Apps from its options to trace Chrome > scroll down and click “Clear Cache” option to remove all the loaded caches from your device. You’re at liberty to avail “Clear Data” option to clear the cache from your Android phone as well, though it’s a bit complex procedure in which you need to visit various sites to log on to them to remove the unnecessary data.

Enhance Chrome Memory

The second tip for running Google chrome faster on Android is to enhance memory capacity of your Chrome browser. Usually an ordinary Android user is not allowed to access these already extended options in Chrome, so you need to visit “chrome: //flags” by typing this in address bar then type in “chrome: //flags/#max-tiles-for-interest-area”.

running-Google-chrome-faster-on-Android Running Google Chrome Faster on Android

Running Google Chrome Faster on Android

Click the drop down menu here in the stressed title and ramp to 512 from the Default and then click Re-launch to restore the settings. This way you facilitate Chrome to acquire more memory strength, which enables you to work on lengthy files rather comfortably with boosted speed as well.

Slash Down on Data Usage

If slow uploading is your lone issue, here is another tip for running Google chrome faster on Android that will help to sort out the matter for you. “Chrome for Android” extends a useful Data Saver alternative that not even boost-up the uploading process but simultaneously slash your mobile bills considerably as well. To use the option visit Settings > Select Data Saver to activate the feature.
It works to send your request to Google’s services initially, from there your request returned back towards you, devoid of protected and sensitive sites. Don’t worry, this way Google isn’t going to grab any of your data, you can see how much data you saved instead.

Disabling Javascript

Last of from my picks in running Google chrome faster on Android is to disable Java Script on your device. To do go to the Chrome setting menu, here you can see many a tweaks applying one or a group of tweaks you can enhance the performance of your Chrome browser effortlessly. It will improve your page loading considerably faster with slashing any extra load from your browser even.

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  • Reply John August 7, 2015 at 11:19 am

    Disabling javascript is not a good idea. I am not agree with this.

  • Reply Kashif Akram August 8, 2015 at 11:35 am

    This article is really important, but some time google consume lot of time to remove cache, How we can speed up cache removing process, especially when we select everything option.

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