9+ Screen Recording Software For Windows

June 12, 2016
Recording Software for windows

Nowadays, we literally depend on computers to do almost every task you might want to think of. The fact the computers make work easier has made them tools of working and therefore, a lot of people depend on them to get things done. You will agree that giving instructions on how to do something on a computer can be tricky especially if the person you are sharing this information with isn’t physically present with you. Trying to break down explanations of how to do something on a computer can be a nightmare but luckily, screen recording is a perfect solution. With the help of screen recording, you can be able to simplify the process by making a record of things to do which enables whoever is going through these materials understand better and even repeat sections they don’t understand well.

Ever screen recording applications came into the picture, this process has been greatly simplified and you can use it to do different things such as make a video that teaches one how to use a program, prepare to make a presentation as well as record a game session. Record in this context means you’re able to create a video of whichever task you’re doing on your computer. Once you’ve completed recording, save the video file and send it to the intended recipient or upload it to YouTube. If you’re searching for the best screen recording software and you’ve no idea where to begin; we have compiled a list of the top 10 screen recording applications for windows. Fortunately, a number of them are free so you don’t have to pay anything.

Active Presenter (Free)Active Presenter


If you’re making plans to prepare something using screen recording, Active Presenter is an excellent option. This software is free and ideal for making tutorials in a stress free way. The application which is a product of Atomi Systems focuses on making recording of screenshots more interactive in order to add value to a presentation by simplifying explanations in the best way possible. In order to make presentations interesting and more interactive, Active Presenter allows addition of graphics, callouts, voiceover and annotations among others. In addition, this screen recording software is SCORM complaint which is Learning Management System thereby making it a corporate training tool. Aside from the free version, there is a standard and professional version.

Krut Computer RecorderKrut Recorder


Unlike many programs that require installation, Krut only requires Java to run. Once you’ve downloaded the application, go to the corresponding folder and run KRUT. Jar file to begin using the application. You can adjust the Per second settings for the capture area as well as the recording frames. This application has a feature known as Follow Mouse whose purpose is to capture the areas around your mouse as you navigate the screen. Using this feature, you can activate the preview mode to see the area that has been captured as recording goes on. This application outputs files in 3 formats, WAV (audio only), MOV (no audio) and MOV (both video and audio recording).

CamStudio (Free)camstudio


CamStudio is a popular screen recording application whose popularity is evident with the number of high software downloads. This software is largely basic and doesn’t come with so many features but has an excellent performance record. When CamStudio is capturing your PC screens, you can choose to hide your cursor screen or opt to get sound from different sources. Overall, it’s a good tool with impressive reviews so feel free to try it out.

DVDVideoSoft Screen Video Recorder (Free)free-screen-video-recorder


if you’re looking for a screen recording tool with a simple and friendly user interface, this is it. DVDVideoSoft comes with 9 icons 4 of which (first set) are used for capturing screens while the next set of 4 deal with screen recording. The last icon is a setting button that opens program options and is responsible for exporting videos to an AVI format. A key advantage of this tool is it names files automatically i.e. show the specific time and date the video was recorded. This is helpful for users who’d want to keep an accurate sequence of recorded videos.

Blueberry Flashback Express Recorderbbflashbackxpress


Blueberry in short BB Flashback Express Recorder is an awesome software tool that allows you to record yourself using a webcam while at the same time, capturing what you’re doing on your desktop. Once the recording has ceased, an FBR file is created which can be edited. If you haven’t switched on your webcam, you can export what you have recorded on your screen to an AVI format. On the other hand, if your webcam is open, use the tool to adjust your webcam box before proceeding on to export. Users are allowed the first 30 days free trial after which, one is required to register.

Icecream Screen Recorder (Free)recordvideo


Icecream Screen Recorder is a famous screen recording tool from Icecream Apps whose function is to record and capture screens. This tool is absolutely free and is capable of availing excellent results for users interested in a friendly and performance oriented tool. This tool has extensive support for OS platforms; from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. Windows users looking for a reliable and satisfactory tool can rely on Icecream Screen Recorder to get the best out of their projects. This tool allows you to focus only on the area you want captured as well as facilitate the addition of creative add-ons to the recording or screenshot. Some of the cool features that accompany this program include clipboard feature, audio settings, hotkey support, screenshot to URL among others.

EZVID (Free)ezvid-interface


YouTube is the home of millions of recorded videos offering solutions to various issues touching on different niches. If you’re interested in finding a perfect screen recording tool that allows you to easily record your screen content and upload it to YouTube, EZVID is your best bet. The cool thing about this software is it has an integrated video editor and therefore, you don’t have to search for an external video editor. Some of the exciting features that accompany this tool include; speech synthesis and speed control among others. EZVID supports Windows XP to Windows 8.

Movavi Screen CaptureMovavi Screen Capture


Movavi Screen Capture is categorized as a lightweight Windows Screen recorder that captures everything on your computer as a high quality video. in just a couple of clicks, you can record program activities, Skype activities as well as online events using a simple and friendly tool. The amazing thing about this software is it’s very easy to learn so don’t get worried if you’ve never used a screen recording program before. The simple controls and intuitive interface make all the difference. Using this tool, you can capture audio from multiple sources at a go. It’s even possible to include a cursor and keyboard if need be. Recordings are saved in popular video formats.

Tiny TakeTinyTake-screen-capture


Tiny Take is a fabulous screen capture and video recording tool that is aimed for both Microsoft and Mac users. Using this application, you can effortlessly capture your images and videos from your computer screen, include comments and share your content with others within a few minutes. This software is built by MangoApps and is absolutely free of charge. Overall, it’s an amazing software tool for anyone looking for a simple yet powerful application that will deliver well on performance. The app has numerous good reviews which makes it an ideal choice.

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