Siri For Android: 15+ Android Assistant Apps

August 7, 2016

If you have ever owned an iPhone, or known someone who had an iPhone, then you are probably already familiar with Siri.

Siri, for those of you who don’t know, is the iPhone’s pre-installed personal assistant. All you have to do is enable Siri, make sure you have Internet access, pick what settings you want and then start talking. As Siri runs by voice recognition, iPhone users may never need to type again. All you have to do is talk and 9 times out of 10 Siri will understand you.

Apple let’s you change Siri’s gender, accent and language so you and Siri can understand each other better. Siri can set your alarm, schedule appointments for you, manage and find your photos, send texts for you, search the internet, give you weather updates, give you directions, and is always up for a chat if you just want to pass the time trying (and failing) to trick a robot. She has some great insights into relationships, aliens and the meaning of life.

What if I don’t have an iPhone?

Siri is a big selling point for apple, because it is one of the best voice recognition personal assistants out there, and probably the most famous. She even starred in an episode of The Big Bang Theory! Siri is not, however, the only virtual assistant out there.

Android owners can now pick and choose their own virtual personal assistants to rival Siri, and you may find you like some of the alternatives even better. As always we are here to help, so please see below for our top ten lists of the best virtual personal assistant apps out there that can be used on your android device.

SkyviSkyvi for android


This app sells itself as a ‘Siri like’ personal assistant, and it does have a lot of the same features as Siri. Skyvi is one of the simplest and easiest voice recognition apps available for android users. It has a very straightforward and easy to use interface, which even the most technophobic amongst you will pick up in no time.

As with Siri, you can use Skyvi’s voice recognition features to make calls without ever having to scroll through your phone book, and you can reply to texts directly via voice command. Skyvi can also help you navigate; it can calculate mathematical problems and is capable of doing almost everything you would expect from a virtual (or real) assistant. Perhaps not quite as sharp and established as Siri, think of Skyvi as the slightly younger but still very clever little sister.

Price: Unspecified

24me: To-do, Task List and Notes24me


24me is more of a scheduling app than a fully fledged virtual assistant, but it actually offers quite a lot of unique features.

24Me is best suited for managing your schedules, meeting and appointments. It lets you put everything relating to your schedule in one easy to find location, it generates task reminders so you don’t miss anything, and it lets you know everything that’s happening in your daily life. 24me can manage your finances, manage your calendar, wish your friends happy birthday on Facebook automatically, and it can even pay your bills and send gifts at a touch of a button.

In many ways it works like a real personal assistant; it can complete a lot of simple tasks for you and remind you to do the rest, it will make sure you pay your bills on time and never miss another meeting, and it also has easy share features, so you can share lists and schedules with your friends and colleagues and collaborate with people all over the world.

Price: Free

Andy (Siri-like assistant)andy sire like assistant


Andy is another popular Siri-like application that you can use on a mobile or tablet. Andy can send texts, call people from your phone book, give directions and tries its best to answer any question you ask it, no matter how weird or outlandish.

Among its many features, Andy can give you all the latest celebrity gossip, give you word definitions, manage your calendar, browse the internet via voice commands, check live flight status’s, do all your maths for you, give you interesting facts, translate into 60 foreign languages, check currency conversions and give you up to date stock market rates, and even give you real time directions whilst you are driving.

Price: Limited free and paid versions available

Robin- The Siri ChallengerRobin siri asisstant


As you may have guessed from the title, Robin is the only app in our list that not only thinks it is equal, but is actually striving to be better. Does it manage it? Well that’s up for you to decide, but Robin is definitely a great virtual assistant that is especially suited for drivers.

This app is great for the road because you can control it via simple voice commands without having to touch or look at your phone at all. Robin can give you GPS directions, point you to nearby gas stations, check the weather, tell you places of interest in your area, find you a parking space and even tell you a few jokes along the way to keep you going. Robin can also check your messages, update your Facebook status and check your twitter feed. All without having to touch your phone. Isn’t technology amazing?

Robin is currently in Beta testing and is improving all the time. This does mean there may be glitches, but it also means Robin will be learning a lot more stuff as time goes on and you can be a part of that.

Price: Download for free

Jarvisjarvis pernal asisstant apps


Last but not least, we have Jarvis. Jarvis is a slightly less serious, slightly more novelty app that has a cool interface and can tell a great joke.

This app offers a lot of features that will definitely come in handy; it can set wake up alarms, make calls and write messages, carry a conversation, change your wallpaper, control your Wi-Fi settings, and has ‘Office’ and ‘Quiet’ modes so you won’t be disturbed if you’re sleeping or working. This is a truly unique app that is half friend half robot, and it is even available on your Android wear devices!

Price: Free and PRO versions available, the free version only understands English.

That’s all from our list, although there are other Android compatible personal assistants out there. Hopefully you can see how many options you have with your device, and you now know that you don’t need to switch to Apple to have your own personal assistant robot.

All of our apps will let you get the most out of your device, they will save you time and it is easier to bond with these robots than you may think (just remember their not actually real people). Let us know which app is your favourite by using the comments before.

Eva Free- Voice assistant

evan and eva


This virtual assistant app comes with all the standard Siri features, plus a little extra. Eva boasts several unique advantages that other apps simply don’t offer; one is the Car Mode, which lets you use your phone quickly and easily whilst driving, Eva can fully integrate with Google+ and Evernote to make life easier for you, it lets you use custom voice short cuts to open your apps even faster, and you can open bookmarks for any website via a simple voice command.

This app does have a slightly confusing interface and can be hard for new users and less technologically adept people, but as per the Eva website there are over 30 YouTube tutorials that cover every aspect of this app and how to use it.

Price: The free 28 day trial version has all the same features as the paid app, but once your free trial finishes you will have to start paying or stop using Eva.




Genie (Or Jeannie) is a very popular personal assistant app, which currently has had over several million downloads from the Google App store. Jeannie has a very smart voice recognition system; so smart that it doesn’t need specific keywords or phrases.

The voice recognition is so good that it also doesn’t have a problem with accents, which is often a flaw in virtual personal assistants. So if you are not a native English speaker or have a strong accent, Jeannie will still understand you. As with all technology, Jeannie is constantly being updated and improved, and will be offering more features in the future.

Jeannie can do quite a lot. She can make calls for you, send texts and emails, set your alarm clock, help you with general queries, control your music player, translate into other languages, tell you your horoscope and even spell supercaligrailisticexpialidocious, all via voice command and all in a matter of seconds.

Price: Free, but offers many in-app purchases priced from £0.71 to £120

Assistant with talking alarm



Don’t let the name put you off. Whilst this sounds like a slightly more advanced version of the alarm clock, this is actually a sophisticated and impressive virtual assistant. Assistant lets you select an avatar, which will then appear each time you talk to your assistant, so basically this is the only app that gives you visual representation and makes the personal assistant seem even more human.

Assistant can speak many foreign languages, it can be spoken to like a normal person, and it remembers your favourites and preferences and customizes later interactions accordingly. Assistant is always learning and improving, and unlike other apps you can actually teach your assistant yourself so it can respond to your needs even more efficiently.

Features include a customizable talking alarm clock, easy ways to book flights and hotels, voice operated Internet browsing, horror scopes, notes, weather and wisdom. You can also chat to Assistant like Siri and marvel in the hilarious things robots say.

Price: Free, but offers in-app purchasing

Top Assistant

top assistant


Top Assistant is an app which is nothing like Siri, but it provides assisting very efficiently. This app is not designed for speaking and it is controlled manually. Top Assistant is designed to help its users when they are multitasking during their day. This app can come in handy when you are updating some spreadsheet and you need to do quick calculations. By using a dedicated on screen command provided by this app, you can easily launch the calculator. Searching contacts, dialing numbers and emailing will come much easier with this app.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

indigo virtual assistant


Indigo is a mobile assistant with a unique personality. She has a user friendly inter face, she offers a wide range of special features and she can imitate companionship considerably better than some other applications.

Indigo is being updated all the time to make the voice recognition as smooth and glitch free as possible, which is why it is currently in the BETA stages of testing. Because of this, you are generally able to talk to her like you would a real life person and her understanding will only improve as time goes on.

She may be a robot, but she can tell jokes, give directions, control your music, and translate words and phrases into over 70 languages. She can also read and write texts, take notes, give you weather updates, read you the news, favourite certain tasks and even carry the conversation over to different devices. Ever seen the 2013 film Her starring Scarlett Johansson? If that film comes true (and let’s face it, it probably will) then Indigo will rival Siri as the first virtual assistant to gain sentience.

Price: Free

Pocket Assistant

pocket assistant


The Pocket Assistant app is featured with a 3D virtual assistant which gives answers to your inquiries and questions. Even though this virtual assistant makes the app seem a bit cartoon-like, it adds to its interactiveness. The app has 4 characters from which you can choose and you can also change how they look. From using Google maps to organizing alarm clocks, this app can take care of it all very smoothly. The goal of the developers was to give this virtual assistant a human note and this has been accomplished partially. However, the animations are not flawless and they could use a bit more work.

AIVC (Alice)

alice siri alternative


AIVC (Alice) offers all that you would expect of a virtual assistant and more. Like Siri and Skyvi, Alice is a voice recognition app, which can make a call for you, send a text, set your alarm, keep your appointments, and assist you with your general musings about life, the universe and everything. As with Siri and Skyvi, you can only interact with Alice if your device is online.

Technology is always evolving, and virtual assistants like Siri and Alice are learning and improving all the time, and so more and more features will be added in the future. Some of the things Alice has recently learned to do include calculations, direct questions like ‘How big is the Eiffel tower’ and ‘Show me a picture of Michael Jackson’, as well as navigation, translations and direct assistance with all your major apps.

Price: Available as a free trial, or buy for £2.55

Dragon Mobile Assistant

dragon mobile assistant


This app is packed with one of the most amazing user friendly interfaces on the market. However, this stylish and smooth looking app is not all about its looks. It has every feature you would expect that a Siri level app for Android would have. It can give answers to simple questions as well as perform complex orders like finding restaurants nearby.

Speaktoit assistant

speaktiot assistant


If you are looking for an app that is a bit different than other Siri-like apps out there, then check out Speaktoit’s assistant. Instead of having the most common speak-and-get-the-answer method, Assistant takes an obvious and original spin on the category. Once the app presents you with a real assistant, it will then ask you to type or speak to the assistant and he will know what answers you need.




aEven though this app is a bit pricey, it is a complete and polished virtual assistant app. Omega is an assistant that might be most suitable to Scifi fans because of its styling. It has a ton of unique commands and gives answers to both simple and complex questions. It’s a somewhat adventurous app that gets the job done.

This is my list of the top Siri like Applications for Android. There are many other apps out there, but I have found these to be most appealing.

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