Subway Surfers 1.41.0 Rio Modded APK, Unlimited Coins and Keys

May 31, 2016
subway surfers modded apk

Kiloo, the developers behind Subway Surfers launched a new version -Subway Surfers 1.41.0 and the latest July 2nd, 2015 update. At this time, Brazil hosts the surfers who are all set to jump from one Train to the other. For those who haven’t sampled the latest Subway Surfers version then now its time to enjoy this superb smartphone game since it’s currently accessible in Android, Windows 8 and iOS platforms.

In the previous version of Subway Surfers, you just had to run, evade the approaching hurdles, gather goodies and coins and protect yourself from the cop and his fierce dog. The great news is that the Subway Surfers 1.41.0 will offer you will get unlimited keys and coins. These unlimited Keys will assist you in saving yourself from the grumpy cop and his dog since you can use them to run as long as you may need in the Subway Surfers Rio. Purchase the utilities you require to enhance your game performance by spending the unlimited coins.

The new version comprises of a new birdie board, a new costume for Carmen and many more outstanding features. For those eager to have this modded APK on their android devices then they should have a look at the following steps:

Subway Surfers 1.41.0 Rio UpdateWhat’s New?

  • Take a tour to Brazil with the Subway Surfers World Tour

  • Have fun with Jake and the crew in the Rio de Janeiro’s colorful subway

  • Spend a maximum of 3 Score Boosters in a single run and aim for much higher scores

  • Surf on the new Birdie board and acquire a flashy Shake Outfit for Carmen

  • Hunt for cute toucans along the tracks to get yourself awards in the Weekly Hunts

Features of Mod:

  • Completely removed all ads

  • Removed unnecessary Stuff (such as ads libraries and crash reporters)

  • APK size smaller than the initial one

  • Two Versions included

1) Zero Score hack- it entails 0 High score, coins, unlimited keys, mega head start, score boosters, unlocked entire boards and characters.

2) MAX Score hack- Includes 2147483647 High score, unlimited coins, keys, score boosters, mega head start, characters and boards all unlocked

Subway Surfers 1.41.0 Rio Modded APK on AndroidHow to Download and Install

  • Download the Subway Surfers v1.41.0 Modded APK.

  • You can either download it straight in your Android or download it in your computer and then transfer the file.

  • Uninstall all previous versions of Subway Surfers; if there is currently any installed.

  • To enable you to install APK files from third parties apart from Play Store; Go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources.

  • Install the downloaded APK file by double-clicking it and finish the installation procedure.

  • Once you have completed the installation process, start playing the game. Now you can enjoy the unlimited Keys and Coins in Subway Surfers Rio.

Tips and Hints

The primary objective of Subway Surfers is to remain alive as much as possible. Thus, any hints and tips to help you best perform at the game are quite essential. The following are some tips on how to survive in Subway Surfers to obtain some top scores and challenge your pals.

  • Use the Hoverboard

You will certainly come across several hoverboards on your runs. If you want to do well on a run, make use of the hoverboards to extend your survival in the game.

  • Upgrade Your Power-Ups

The power-ups are an added advantage when they show up. One of the best is Jetpack, since it lifts you above the arena at high speed, and hence preventing you from getting knocked by any hurdles. Furthermore, since you earn points every moment that you use it, prolonging the duration would be a fantastic idea.

  • Stay Up High

Staying on top of the trains is one of the safest spots thus you are assured to survive. This implies that you can effectively jump from the top of one train to another thus avoiding the obstacles encountered on the ground.

  • Coins Are Not Crucial

Sure, it’s great to gather enough coins to help you unlock more characters and boards, and upgrade your power-ups. On the contrary, it is not worth putting your life at risk for several measly coins; thus, try to stay alive just by remaining up high and out of danger.

  • Make Advanced Moves

Many of Subway Surfers players are usually not aware of particular moves integrated into the game. Firstly, you can jump, then move to the left or right while in the air. Moreover, you can choose to cut short a jump by swiping downwards direction in the middle of a jump. This is a perfect way to end the jump missions, plus correcting a blunder you may have rendered to evade hurdles.


Subway Surfers game doesn’t have many legitimate cheats. However, the one available enables you to access characters and challenges that should not be accessible or available.

  • Time Change Cheat

This cheat lets you secure access to all limited characters, boards and missions in Subway Surfers. All you need to do is, go to your device’s settings, then to Date and Time, and adjust it to whichever time period that matches with the character, challenge or board you desire.

  • Double Coins

This cheat is quite challenging to apply, however, by choosing the double coin multiplier, you can ultimately earn twice as many coins if you get the Super Sneakers and Jetpack activated simultaneously. All you can achieve this by upgrading the Super Sneakers to increase the chances of this happening. It doesn’t have a tremendous effect on your score, but it is an excellent experience while playing the game.

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