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November 30, 2003

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In this issue:

1. Free software CD bundle.
2. Computer virus updates


This one must be very brief. We’re in the middle of a home
renovation project and guess who is in charge? (Hint: It’s not
me. I’m just the worker!) I love my wife dearly but she’s tough
sometimes! That said, I’ll just pass along a couple of items,
then it’s back to work!


1. Free software CD bundle

Starting this month, with every purchase of “Child Safety-Net: How
to protect your children from harm online” we’re throwing in the software bundle CD absolutely free. Included on
this one CD are 25 titles that we have reviewed and found to be
the best of the best. We’ve got Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
SP2, Netscape Communicator 4.77, Netscape Navigator 7, Eurora 5.1
email, Zone Alarm and Tiny Personal Firewall, MailWasher 1.33,
ICRA filter, We-Blocker, McAfee and Norton antivirus and many,
many more.

Not only is the CD free but, with the exception of McAfee and
Norton antivirus trials, most of the software titles on it are
too! Not shareware. Not trialware. Not even nagware. Freeware.
Nothing more to pay, ever. What better gift could you give than
a little peace of mind to another parent concerned about their
children’s online activities? Get yours today at


2. Computer virus updates

Last time we discussed how some viruses and worms get upgraded to
higher threat status due to media attention, some due to the
actual threat posed and some by both. It may appear the boy did
indeed see a wolf. The Braid.C virus making it’s rounds lately
also hails to the name Winevar. If you get this virus, be
extremely careful not to click OK if you see a screen that says
“What a foolish thing you have done.” Once running, the virus
terminates security software, may try to delete all files, and
may attempt to harvest email addresses found on the local system
to mail itself to those recipients via SMTP.

There are two ways your computer can become infected by receiving
an email with this virus. The first is you don’t have antivirus
software with the latest virus definition files installed, *OR*
you are still using an older version of Internet Explorer and have
not downloaded the service pack which fixes the vulnerability that
the virus exploits. If enough people simply kept their browser
software up to date, the widespread virus outbreaks that we see
today would be almost totally non-existent. Browser upgrades from
Microsoft are FREE and are the simplest way to help you prevent
from becoming another statistic. Did I mention that they’re FREE?
With anti-virus software, you pay for the software but definition
files are also free to download.

With that said, here are your links to upgrade various software:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x patch
This patch has been available since March 29, 2001! Note:
MSIE 5.01 or 5.5 with service pack 2 installed and MSIE 6.x are
not vulnerable to this type of email worm.

Mcafee updates

Norton updates

F-Secure updates


Next (full) newsletter

Well, you knew it had to happen. The very MOMENT I released my
review of AOL 7.0, out came 8.0. I have been using it since and
should have a complete review by the next news letter, but let me
say this now… While many of the changes look cosmetic only,
they have made good progress on other fronts that might not be so
obvious. I’ll tell you all about them next time.

Also next time, along with the regular features I plan to have
a little more fun and review a couple of MP3 creation tools I
promised the authors I would long ago but never had the chance.

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    I prefer using Google chrome out of all the browsers that are available, the rest just doesn’t seem as fast to me.

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