Teamviewer Alternatives: 10 Best Remote Desktop Software

May 23, 2016

As companies grow and expand to other locations, long distant communication becomes vital. This communication often involves remote desktop software, which allows individuals to easily share PowerPoint presentations and other information directly from their own computer screen. Teamviewer is one of the most popular remote desktop software available, but there are many alternatives that provide equal if not better service.


Aeroadmin is free to download and can be used by both businesses and individuals (unlike Teamviewer which charges a high fee for business use). Their software can facilitate online presentations, interactive meetings, and even online education courses. Aeroadmin offers very comprehensive customer support, which includes instant remote desktop connection and control. They also provide remote monitoring options for users that include parental control, stolen pc search and return, and employee monitoring software.


FixME.IT is, as their official website says, “Used and trusted globally,” by over 60 countries. FixME.IT is not free to individuals, but it can be purchased either as a subscription or as a session bundle, which allows for more flexibility. With a FixME.IT subscription, users will receive unattended access, which allows one to configure up to 150 computers and remote support for all of those computers. Other features include unlimited concurrent support sessions, video session recording, and multi-monitor navigation which allow uses to access and control monitors connected to the remote computer.


TightVNC is free remote desktop software for both private and commercial use with full source code availability. TightVNC is compatible with both Windows and Unix with Java client included. They also offer a VNC-compatible remote desktop application for Android called Remote Ripple, which allows users to connect to other computers remotely with the help of an Android smartphone. TightVNC is ideal if you are interested in cutting your remote desktop software expenses and saving travelling time by taking advantage of the option of accessing computers remotely right from your Android smart phone.


BOMGAR emphasizes their ability to provide supremely secure remote access companies. Ebay, Williams Sonoma, Carbonite, CSC, and the International Hotels Group number among BOMGAR’s clients. They offer secure access both on site and in the Cloud, so their software can be useful for individuals who need to not only access a both physical and virtual appliances. BOMGAR offers 24 hour chat with support professionals on their website, so that the moment you run into an issue, they can quickly address and have you up and running in no time.

Windows Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is free for both companies and private individuals and can be accessed by any computers that run Windows 10 and is either connected to the same network or connected to the Internet. Windows Remote Desktop is ideal for individuals and businesses that already run Windows on all of their computers and are looking for an easy-to-use and cost efficient (free) software that has reliable support built in in the form of the Windows support team.

Ultra VNC

Ultra VNC is another great option for individuals looking for free software that is Windows compatible. The software is very user friendly and allows you to use only your mouse and keyboard to remotely access another computer, as long as that computer is also running on a VNC server. Ultra VNC is a great option for anyone works with Windows computers but is especially great for those who work in eLearning, IT departments, Help Desk, Remote Computer Support companies because it is free for both private use and commercial usage. is free for all usage (unless you opt for their $15/mo Pro plan or $19/mo plan for Enterprise with premium meetings and advanced management) but it is especially useful for businesses that are interested in meeting remotely. offers instant screen sharing, simple video conferencing, and unlimited audio sharing. Their interface is easy to use and understand and allows employees to easily share their screen while in a videoconference with people in another location. And along with the ease of use, offers secure interaction by using password protection for each meeting.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a completely free tool that is even more easily accessible than Teamviewer because it can simply be accessed as an extension for the Google Chrome browser rather than being downloaded (as Teamviewer is). Chrome Remote Desktop can be accessed by any computer that uses the Google Chrome browser and allows individuals to connect remotely to computers directly from that browser. This option is great for private individuals in particular because the Google Chrome browser is so pervasive and because there is no fee for adding this extension to your browser.

WebEx Free

WebEx Free is powered by Cisco and provides a free option (for 3 people), as well as premium options that include $24 per month plans, $49 per month plans, and $89 per month plans for 8, 25, and 100 people respectively. WebEx Free is a great remote desktop software for businesses especially (though it can also be accessed by private individuals) because it offers password protected messages, video conferencing, conference scheduling in Outlook, and mark-up tools which both ensure the safety of your data and provide all of the tools necessary for facilitating a productive meeting.


Splashtop is free for the first six months of service and is $1.99 per month after that for individuals and $60 per year for premium service that is tailored specifically to the needs of companies. For individual private use, Splashtop can be accessed on both the Apple and Android systems, so it can be easily accessed on either an iPhone or an Android phone, which makes it ideal for those who are looking for the convenience and accessibility of working outside of an office setting. This feature can also be useful to businesses who would like to take advantage of premium Splashtop features like secure cross-platform support.

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  • Reply Mark July 11, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    I’d also recommend to try free for business AEROADMIN.

    It’s quite easy-to-use, with no registration, installation or configuration. I switched to it from teamviewer and pretty happy.
    Hope this helps

  • Reply Prasanta Shee April 18, 2017 at 7:16 am

    Yeah, TeamViewer is a nice remote desktop support tool but security of hosted services is an issue. Have a look at a recent article on data hack Instead, I would recommend use of on premise R-HUB remote support servers. It works from behind your corporate firewall, hence better security.

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