16+ Tinder Alternatives – For Android and iOS

September 3, 2016

Tinder is often times the go-to app for those looking to find love. With the popularity of Tinder you would think it’s the best thing to happen to singles since the Mixer. Not everyone shares this view, as many people get tired of the maybe/maybe not pace of Tinder. There is a long list of ways that Tinder fails miserably, which is one of the main reasons for alternatives.

Why Use Tinder Alternatives

While Tinder continues to be free currently, the have plans to have an upgrade level that would drastically limit the free version. Since you mostly get a visual on a person and not a lot of details, making an informed decision to message them can be hit or miss. With the flood of fake accounts and the rise of bots, it’s hard to tell who is real and who isn’t. The one good thing that has come from Tinder is the next generation learning from Tinder’s good points and bad, and improving themselves.

The Top Replacements for Tinder

  1. OkCupidOkCupid

With a four star rating, OkCupid is quickly becoming just as popular as Tinder. Promising to be 100% free, OkCupid lets you sort matches by distance, quickly see photos, and has the same swipe features as tinder. It also allows you to send as messages as you want for free. You can enter as much or as little information as you want. The more you put in, the closer it matches you to singles with similar interest. With easy to use features and a incognito mode, you’re sure to find someone to talk to quickly.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. Coffee Meets BagelCoffee-meets-Bagel

Also called CMB, Coffee Meets Bagel is like most dating apps with a few surprises. This app calls matches “Bagels” and it brings you a new match each day at noon. The matches are based on your likes and hobbies, making it easier to find someone you would have things in common with. The matches aren’t just random, as they match you up with people who have similar friends as you. The best part is when a “Bagel” responds with a like; they then send you questions and help you plan meet-ups to help break the ice.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. SkoutSkout

This app gives you the control to see whose been checking you out, and how decided to favourite you. While the interface is similar to Tinder, the ability to change that into a grid layout gives this app versatility. There is a premium version that makes you more visible and removes the ads as well. With a four star rating, the best feature maybe the ability to view profiles by whose nearest to you. You can also personalize the search parameters to what is important to you.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. Hot or NotHot-or-Not

Originally an online game, this app is what Tinder based their original model on. With almost identical features as Tinder, Hot or Not allows you to see people you may have bumped into in the area. You can earn badges such as “Most Popular” and “Most Friendly” and send an unlimited number of messages. With the premium account you can send each other gifts and other notes called “Super powers”. If you have been on Badoo or Lulu, they are all the same type of app.

For Android and from Apple store

  1. HappnHappn

Ever wanted to talk to that cute someone whose path you past but never had the chance? With this app you can find out who you’ve crossed paths with. This allows you to find singles closer to your area without having to wonder if you’ve seen them around before. The app tells you the number of times you and that special someone may have seen each other before. If you and that someone like each other, it labels it a “crush” which allows you two to message each other. They also have an attention grabber known as “Charms” that is a close second to superlikes off of Tinder. “Charms” do cost money, however the messages are free.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. BumbleBumble

Bumble has a unique tag line that’s getting lots of attention “On Bumble, ladies always goes first” is the line. It refers to the fact that when two people like each other’s profiles and match, the ladies have to make the first move within twenty-four hours or the match is cancelled. The app also gives you the choice to state that you are only looking for friends. Currently the Android version is still a work in progress, but the latest version is still up.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. Plenty of FishPlenty-of-Fish

Also called POF, Plenty of Fish has a good selection of sorting list when going through their database. You can view matches, send and receive unlimited messages and go thought the nearest you list for free. If it seems a lot like Tinder, that is because it’s owned by the same company. They have a Upgrade option that gives users “First Look” that allows them to see the latest new members to join in their area.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. WooWoo

Woo specializes at aiming for people whoa re from India or are of Indian decent. Like are completely anonymous. This app stands out in that it allows users to record a voice message, allowing potential dates to hear what a person sounds like before meeting. It allows you to have “crushes” and to send messages to those you have crushes on. The ability to base your searches on shared interest and past jobs also means finding someone with similar goals as you. While you can buy upgrades to boost your profile and allow you to have additional crushes, purchase isn’t required to use the app.

For Android and from Apple Store


With over fifty million users, LOVOO allows you to look for love or just make friends. It has a special feature called “Radar” that shows you people near you and who are online. Unfortunately the other features are for the VIP paid version. While the paid version has a unlimited chat, and invisibility mode, it can be a little expensive. There have been reports of possible bots as well, so if you don’t have a VIP account it can get tricky.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. RendeevooRendeevoo

This dating app is all about meeting people in real life. This one allows you to pick places you would like to meet people, and it matches you up with people who also like to go to those places. To secure a meeting, you use your account or apple account to pay for your first drink. Labelled as “A Dating App that cuts straight to the cocktails” it makes the awkward part of figuring out where to go simple. Sadly, this app only currently works in London, England.

From Apple Store. Currently only for the London, England area.

  1. MatchMatch

Famous for their commercials and their lasting connections, Match is a well-known and trusted competitor against Tinder. With a long list of items to use to match to people similar to yourself, their “algorithm delivers only the single men or single ladies that meet your standards.” You can even use this app on your Android Wear Watch, allowing you to feel when you get a pulse email and wink notifications. They also state they send you “handpicked matches delivered every day”. While it gives you a lot of options, the free version is very limited.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. CloverClover

One of Clover’s best features in the On-Demand, which sets up dates, and sends you notifications about single events, meet-ups and parties in your area. Its powerful search engine allows you to pick and choose what to look for with ease. Pictures can be full screen, you can organize your prospects, and you can promote your social media profiles as well. Chat is free and you can exchange unlimited messages. Of course the premium account allows more advance searches, better chat features and the ability to have account verification. Another downfall is no version is available for the Android.

Currently only found at the Apple Store

  1. TastebudsTastebuds

This app centres around finding you a match with similar taste in music as you. You can create a list of the music you love or allow it to look at your Facebook and take your list form your likes on there. You can even make a song list for other users to listen to while they read your profile. It also allows you to share songs while you text people. With this you never have to worry about having a date with bad music playing in their car. With a four star rating, it’s well liked by its users. The only downfall is the currently isn’t as popular as the others on this list.

Can only find it in the Apple Store

  1. Singles Around MeSinglesaroundme

This app comes with Position-Shift technology, which lets people know what area you are from without letting people know exactly where you are. It protects your privacy and security while on a smart-phone or social network. It gives you control over who can see your information and when. It has a four star rating and allows you to register with your Facebook if you want. It has a “Destination Search” that allows you to meet up with people when you travel to a new place. It also allows you to only allow messages from people in your chosen area. It uses “Liked” to connect you with people whoa re mutually interested. The premium version adds a ton more features and search options, and allows for easier chatting.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. eHarmonyeharmony app

eHarmony has over ten million downloads currently. It starts with a Relationship Questionnaire to figure out exactly what you are looking for in a potential partner. It uses these answers to filter through the database to find people who match your interest and live near you. They are quoted as having “more matches, with longer lasting relationships” then any other dating site. When you subscribe you get a whole list of improved features, and the ability to see who is looking at your profile, and to use the “What if” feature that shows you more potential connections to other users.

For Android and from Apple Store

  1. TMO (Take Me Out)TMO App

Take Me Out, also called TMO, is an app all about meeting people in real-life locations and having a good time. You pick the places you want to go out to, then choose whether you want to take someone out, want someone to take you out or if you want to go 50/50. Then you choose what kind of date you want to from the menu and the app will show you people looking for the same things. Like Tinder you swipe right if you are interested, and left if you are not. Then it allows you to send messages to people who you match up with, without having to send out a million messages wondering if the other person is interested. With this method you never get messages from people unless they are interested in a date. TMO is free to use as well.

For Android and from Apple Store

So don’t give up on love! With these handy apps and a lot of courage you too can find love in the near future. You never know who may be out there with a crush on you, or who you might find on these apps. If you know any tricks or tips for getting the most out of these apps, or have any cool and useful apps we should add please feel free to comment and let us know, and good luck with the love hunt!

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