Top 3 Teaching Applications For Android

August 2, 2015

In our Tips & Tricks series for the best use of your Android phone, I am introducing to you top 3 teaching applications for Android in today’s article. These applications will help you to manage archives, lesson and study plan of the semester, along with grading of the papers as well. Like other fields, teaching is also a demanding job these days, management and keeping complete track of your teaching schedule is essential for prompt delivery in every teaching domain.

So how can you accomplish the job to leave the teaching premises timely and live a dynamic and effortless life with due share of joy and family life? Anyone among these “Top 3 Teaching Applications for Android” enables teachers to do their job superbly with effortless techniques that delivers almost every subject relating information well in time whatever the sphere may be. So, let’s read about these amazing learning apps for Android users.

Class Messenger

A compassionate education is the key for your child’s proper educational growth and it is a quite daunting task which you should never ever ignore for the proper worldly growth of your child. When something is scheduled for Monday, it has to be done on Monday, there is no room to doing it on Tuesday as it goes all in vein. So keep the track clear since being a teacher it is your responsibility to keep the kid informed online that enables the parent even to help prepare their kid for the scheduled program.

This is where the Class Messenger app comes handy. This App help you to synchronize all your class for the scheduled program as well as keeping the parents alerted to for the upcoming assignments. It help teachers to message each and every student to assemble in a single place instantly. Teachers can remain well in touch with parents for any clarification and likewise parents also help their kid by prompt message consultation with the teacher.

For example teachers can inform the parents what dress your kid needs to wear on a school teams Soccer fixture Saturday next at 4.30 pm instead of asking each participating kid for the pre-requisites. This helps the parents for timely preparation of their kids outfit for the occasion and similarly for any other event consequently as well. Also parents can share anything personal with the teacher after loading the app on their device, they just send any picture to teacher for help or clarification, and likewise they share lots of related things with each other concerning the student’s curricular activities as well.

This apps among the top 3 teaching applications for Android can give you a yard ahead place in your educational activities. Class Messenger also offer features of interest such as “Staffroom” from Google Drive, an App that help integrate communication with colleagues. They can use it to communicate with other teachers of the group for matters of teaching interest. It also let them know if their message has served the purpose or gone unread.

iGrader: Teacher’s Pocket Grader

The second app in my pick of top 3 teaching applications for Android is iGrader: a teacher’s pocket grading tool. This App will help signify the key aspects of any semester along with Report Card schedules in addition to keep the updated educational track of each student. iGrader helps teachers for scheduling assignments, semester wise tests and papers, exam grading matters including grading scales, and quizzes as well. It’s a superb yet simple grading calculation app that help save a teachers valued time and saves them from lots of other botherations in building up a precise coaching module.


This is a comprehensive system management app for education purpose as compared to simple iGrader app. Weekly notes, meeting schedules with colleagues and principal at lunch, minutes of grading papers and lots of other features with time and date all are just on teachers fingertips to manage smooth teaching road map.

Additio gives teacher an utmost satisfaction of hi-end teaching. It extends a calendar feature that enables teachers to plan events, observe groups, students meetings, and a strong notes management system that comprehensively track all the notes in addition to all education related conferences and meeting track as well.

Teachers can effortlessly shape and imp/export all their stuff in MS Excel format with the added facilitation of different signifying/marking colors. Teacher keep comprehensive track of their students all curricular and extracurricular activities through this fantastic app. It is one of the great FREE apps among the top 3 teaching applications for Android that help teachers to do their jobs as pro with relative ease and comfort.

So, let us know if these apps has really helped you in your discourses as a teacher in the comments section below?

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