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September 5, 2015

Today we will tell you about some of the top android hacking utilities 2015 that will not only test your strength in hacking skills but also the security of the device which you will target (consider having fun with your friend for entertainment purposes only). There was a time when we were only used to believe that hacking can be done only via computers but that is changing now. As the technology is matures more and more with new developments, today hacking can easily be done via mobiles as well by using third party hacking tools at no expense at all. Therefore, let us see some of the top android hacking utilities 2015 which are currently the hype for android hackers.

AnDOSid – DOS for android hacking

Denial of service or DOS (not the MS-DOS) is quite a complicated hacking attack that can even take down a server computer let alone a mobile platform. AnDOSid is a toolkit that is specially constructed only for high security professionals. By using AnDOSid security professionals can simulate DOS attack, an HTTP attack to be accurate, on a device connected to the web server by simply using a mobile phone. Because the attack is considered a serious one only high security officials should use this toolkit.

Android network toolkit

In the recent Defcon conference, a security researcher has introduced a new toolkit which is known as “The Android Hacking Network Toolkit”. The concept behind creating this toolkit is to help ethical testers and hackers to evaluate a network or test for any possible flaws. They can use the toolkit via mobile phones. The toolkit consist a collection of several apps that will help evaluators to find out leaks or flaws in a network.

SSHDroid – Android Security Shell

SSH or simply called Secure Shell is a brilliant protocol that proffers an extra layer of security in the moment you connect with your remote system. The SSHDroid is the Android version of the protocol which you can use while connected to a PC and can execute such commends as “adb shell” or “terminal”.

FaceNiff 2.4 Final

This toolkit is specifically used to hijack or hack famous social network accounts via mobile phone. These social media accounts can be of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more. The developer of this toolkit has also developed the hacking toolkit for Firefox (the Firesheep). However FaceNiff is exclusively for Android users.


Nmap or network mapper is a highly regarded hacking toolkit among the top android hacking utilities 2015. Nmap could scan various networks on your android and you can use it to send results as an attachment with email.

So, which among these top android hacking utilities 2015 will you use?

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