Top 4 SOS Apps For Android Devices

July 26, 2015

Dear readers, today I will tell you about the top 4 SOS apps for Android devices since you may never know when you might be involved in an emergency situation and help is nowhere around except your own Android handset. This is particularly good for travelers, backpackers, hikers and people visiting some really far and dangerous places. These Apps help you if you may come across some risky situation where immediate help can’t be accessed. Folks who feel being stalked, these Apps will be the option they may use to avoid the troublesome obstacles. Therefore, let us look at the top 4 SOS apps for Android devices we can use in risky circumstances.

SOS—Stay Safe

Whenever you feel some something is not right around the corner, SOS will come to your support. It extends facility to connect you to your loved ones with just a shake to your device. With proper settings you can send an emergency message to your friends by shacking the device and without the knowledge of your surrounding environment.

Doing so, the recipient collect a blank message from your end and Audio record clip of the proceedings of the site you are at. Your Androids battery level and precise location of the scene and time of happenings will also be sent. These worthy information’s help your friends to act immediately and rescue you from the grave crises you might find yourself in. The SOS is a free Android app and is among the best in the top 4 SOS apps for Android devices.

One Touch SOS

It’s another useful Android App from the collection of top 4 SOS apps for android devices that is of a lot of help. This App too help inform your friends about your precise location. You not needed to check your phone book to collect a name to call or message in crises situations, just a single on-screen tap will do the job. Your friends know your location act promptly to reach the scene and save you from any malice.

SOS Emergency Rescue

SOS Emergency Android app works to support you in grave emergency situations. Resembled to its name, it will offer you support to get back safely from a catastrophic location. This app can be used by any person but actually it is specifically built for elderly folks who can’t react fast enough.

SOS Emergency doesn’t send SOS message, audio clip of the scene, your location or battery levels of your device, it actually acts to make an emergency call to one of your friends, co-workers, family, or any other person you have in contact. By proper settings, user can use the phone to make an emergency call to someone just by a shake to the device. The call will be connected immediately and you can ask your friend for help. That way they may know the issue and act promptly to save you from the tribulation.

With: V Gumrah Initiative

This is last but not the least in our top 4 SOS apps for android devices, it works to save you from risky state of affairs with sending your location details along with a message “I Need Help” to selected contacts by a double press to the power button of the device. The best it offers that it continuously send your location details after every two minutes to the selected contact. That helps your friend to know your exact location information and take measures to save you from the any kind of danger you are involved.

I believe these top 4 SOS apps for Android devices help Android phone users, particularly when they will be followed by someone with wrong intentions, or in any other kind of dangerous situations. Don’t forget to use desired app from the lot whenever you’re likely visiting the risky places to save you from any troubles.

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