Psychedelic And Trippy Backgrounds

February 14, 2016
Trippy Desktop Backgrounds

This collection presents some of the best psychedelic and trippy desktop backgrounds. Many of them are based on optical illusions, and they tend to use bright colors.

If you are one of those rare people who rave about trippy backgrounds, you have come to the right place to see a wide selection of backgrounds. As you browse, you can click to view the full-size images, and you can save the images you like.

Even if you don’t naturally lean towards psychedelic desktop backgrounds, you should consider trying one for a while. Did you know that optical illusions stimulate creativity? Psychedelic backgrounds incorporate bright colors and optical illusions encourage you to think outside of the box by interpreting an image in more than one way. Choosing a psychedelic or trippy background for your phone or tablet may help you to approach and solve problems more creatively.

What Is A Psychedelic Or Trippy Background?

Psychedelic images are characterized by bright colors with lots of contrast. These images attempt to illustrate the state of the inner mind, and thus they tend to create a hallucinatory effect.

Trippy” is another way to describe psychedelic backgrounds. In fact, trippy and psychedelic are synonyms for each other. Both words refer to hallucinations, distorted perceptions, and states of altered awareness. How can a picture cause hallucinations and altered perceptions?

Psychedelic and trippy backgrounds are based on optical illusions, and they vary in complexity. Some are simple and hand-drawn, while others use complex computer graphics to achieve a 3D representation. It is this basis in optical illusion that creates psychedelic and trippy effects from these images.

Benefits of Psychedelic or Trippy Backgrounds

You might be wondering why anyone would want to experience distorted perceptions of reality. It’s not as wacky as it sounds. To a certain extent, psychedelic experiences (on the minor scale such as these images produce) can be beneficial. They

  • Spark creativity

  • Grab your attention

  • Show off your personality

  • Individualize your screen

  • Use bright contrasting colors that are good for your screen

  • Represent the experiences of the inner mind

Psychedelic and Trippy Backgrounds

Here are some of our favorite backgrounds that you can download and set as the background for your desktop, mobile, or tablet screen. Although there is some overlap, they are sorted by category—psychedelic, optical illusion, black and white, and space themes—to highlight certain features of each image.

If you are interested in any of those categories in particular, scroll down to the respective header. Otherwise, just enjoy the images! Feel free to read the comments below each picture or just let the picture take your mind elsewhere.

When you are drawn to an image, stop and examine it for a few seconds. Take note of the mental or visual experience that ensues. (This is a psychedelic experience) If there are any images that you love, hover and click to enlarge. Then you can save the image or copy it to your desktop.

Find a theme you like and set it as your screen background! For more options, explore the sites linked in these images.

Psychedelic Backgroundsmind outburst

Mind Outburst: This is a perfect example of a psychedelic background that illustrates the inner mind.myraid bright colours

A myriad of bright colors from across the spectrum. I see fruits and tennis balls of every color, and the swirling pattern describes well the complex motion of thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis.motion and proggression

These colors are a bit muted compared to the image above, but the motion and progression of colors draw your eye towards the center of the swirling vortex.optical illusion

Optical Illusion Backgrounds

This is a perfect example of a psychedelic optical illusion with bright colors and a pattern that leads to a hallucinatory experience. Do you notice the center start to spin as you look at the image?jagged swerl

In this wallpaper, series of almost-parallel lines create a jagged swirl that makes you feel as if you are spinning down a never-ending drain.Spinning optical illusion

Here is another image that seems to spin. Unlike the two optical illusions above, this one has an outward thrust. It conjures up the times when my mental world begins to spin out of control, with thoughts going a million directions at once.

Black and White BackgroundsBlack andwhite illusion

This is an example of a simple concept that can be drawn by hand. Dozens of cubes stacked against each other create a three-dimensional feeling. And yet, despite the simplicity of the design, the image becomes more complex as you dwell on it. If you shift your focus, you can perceive varying directional flows, from vertical lines to upward stairs to inverted cliffs.scary optical illusion

Optical illusion in black and white: What do you see in this image? Allow your eye to suggest several concepts. This is a great exercise in using optical illusions to stimulate and white illusion parrallel curves

Here is a fascinating combination of parallel curves that come into a square. The simplicity of the black and white color scheme belies the complex mechanisms of this image.

Space Themesout of space optical illusion

At first glance, this looks like an almost-realistic view of Earth with an astronaut floating in the foreground. However, when you look closer you see an inversion as the earth in the mid-ground vanishes into the eye of the storm cloud in the background.force of nature illusion

Here we see forces of nature and planets from the galaxy in psychedelic colors. Setting this as the background on your computer, phone, or tablet screen may transport you to another galaxy.multicolored clouds illusion

These multicolored clouds look like gas floating in the atmosphere. They represent well the often-nebulous nature of our thoughts. One moment an inspirational thought or epiphany comes to you; the next moment it vanishes without a trace.

Choose Your Favorite

Which psychedelic and trippy images did you like the best? There are hundreds more images like these that you can find and save to your computer, phone, or tablet. As you experienced, psychedelic and trippy background images make you more aware of your inner mental world and they spark creativity.

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