Top 9 Web Development Apps For Android

October 1, 2015

On occasions web developers need to do their job out of the desk and without having the facility of desktops. For those persons I am introducing top 9 web development apps for Android to support their professional activities on smartphones/tablets and a handy support this will be for the professionals. Let’s find out the apps.

1. DriodEdit Pro

To begin our countdown of top 9 web development apps for Android phones that help make the life of a web developer easier, I choose driodEdit to lead the list. It offers a package of handy features including syntax highlighting in array of worlds acclaimed programming languages along with code indentation and SFTP/FTP backing plus code completion. A dreamed support any web developer may fancy for in an easy to use interface on a mobile.

Price: $ 2.21 (Free version also available)

2. AndFTP

Up Loading is another handy feature that web developers always look for while they were on the go as it helps them to access their files on a distant server. AndFTP permits you to do the job from your Android device. AndFTP additionally offers multiple services along with delete, download, rename or removing your file facilities with supporting SFTP, SCP besides FTPS proprieties.

Price Free

3. VT View Source

Another landmark app from the series of our top 9 web development apps for Android phones, VT View Source brings in the functions like underlying code of whatever web page to your smartphone. VT View Source also backs the HTML, CSS, XHTML along with supporting Java script source in addition to arrange and abbreviate the source code in both mobile phone and desktop environments. A savable page source opened following entering URL and you are liberty to open source code by triggering the “share page” option of your browser even. VT View Source is indeed ideal for hard-core programmers to easily do their coding on smartphones.

Price Free

4. Ksweb Server

It’s a comprehensive web server package and it helps you to process or debug any web application on your smartphone via LAN or from Internet directly. Ksweb Server is also fully loaded with PHP, MySQL and Nginx along with Lighttpd supports. This web development app for Android phones also give you different send mail support options through msmtp.

Price $2.99 (With 6 days trail)

5. Google Analytics

This app from our top 9 web development apps for Android phones enables you to effortlessly investigate your web page using Google Analytics for Androids. A comprehensive statistical analysis of the key features from your accounts combines with superior graphic support enhances your capacity to do the job on the go as it meant to operate on Androids and tablets only.

Price Free

6. Hackers Keyboard

It’s a super app that helps you to overcome diverse code variations of smartphone keyboards effortlessly, particularly when you are busy in doing some serious shell scripting or working at command line. It offers you Driod Edit, suggested Hackers Keyboard in conventional Desktop Keyboard style.

Price Free

7. ConnectBot SSH Client

It’s a powerful totally free tool that enables you to connect protected shell services from your smartphone or from tablet. ConnectBolt extends an instantaneous SSH sitting with simple copy/pasting options between any two applications and generating secure tunnels as well.

Price Free

8. WebMaster HTML Editor Lite

It’s another distinguished app from the series of top 9 web development apps for Android Phones for text editing. The app can be obtained from Google Play Store totally free of cost. It helps web developers to work on Java Script, PHP, HTML and CSS with syntax highlighting and backup code completion as well. This app extends built-in preview backup with multiple encoding alternatives as well.

Price Free (Experts version cost you only $ 4.99)

9. Terminal IED

This app is packed with complete JAVA, C++, with HTML and Smartphone progress kit that enables your device to work with enhanced superiority and command. It offers bash, tmux, nano in addition to git pre-installed along with works with vim even. Unfortunately, it can’t support the phones works on Lollipop 5 or higher. However, anything below Lollipop 5 is its forte.
Price Free

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