Top Apps To Use As Whatsapp Alternative

September 16, 2015

Although Whatsapp is mostly unparalleled when it comes to messaging apps on Android but if somehow one might want to consider using alternatives to Whatsapp there are some really cool messaging apps to explore out there. Well, to be very honest we cannot name any flaws within Whatsapp since it is a very tremendously amazing messaging application but like it is with human nature, men wants to keep his exploration going for new things and this is what makes evolution theory by Darwin also 100% true (with my respect to all religious ideologies). OK, let us get back to our topic which is not so scientifically biological and so here I present to you best messaging applications as Whatsapp alternative.


WeChat is almost the second best messaging app after Whatsapp to hit the Android users worldwide. You can easily chat on WeChat through using both voice and video options. Plus, you can have video conversation, group chat, and lots of other exciting options to enjoy. WeChat enjoys a great support as it can run on almost any mobile platform be it Windows, Blackberry, iOS, Android, Nokia, etc.


Many users quote that if there is any similar Whatsapp alternative it should be only Viber. Yes, the UK-based messaging app is one of the most popularly used communication application in mobile industry. Viber entertains support for every major platform and feature that a successful communication app should have. To use Viber, all you have to do is to register and enjoy its service.


Kik enjoys a user database of more than 50 million worldwide. It is a freeware application which requires registering to use its service: The registration is free though. This cool messaging application is supported on iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile. There are several exciting features too in Kik such as free video and voice chat which makes it a good application, with brilliant interface as well.


This messaging app is currently the fastest growing with gaining hundreds of users on a daily basis. Although, its current database of users globally already makes it a worthy application but you know the mark of millions not million that an app has to hit to satisfy ventures. Anyways, LINE is a very handy app and a good Whatsapp alternative which you can use on iPhone, PC, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile. The registration procedure on LINE is somewhat similar to Whatsapp where you use your number to register.


Finally, we have GroupMe messaging app that is also a very useful service but one that is currently not so popular. The reason being is that the app focuses only in group chat rather than having a more general chat options. The app is free and you register on it via your email account. GroupMe is supported on all types of mobile platforms from Java oriented ones to the latest OS mobile wares.

So, these were some of our picks of messaging apps that can be used as Whatsapp alternative. Let us know which one suits your style of communique among them?

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