5+ Best and Free Wi-Fi Signal Booster Apps for Android

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October 28, 2016
Wifi Analyzer

Sometimes, having a Wi-Fi connection is not that good. You need to have a special software to boost the signals in order to get an optimum speed to do the required surfing. I am pretty sure that you are facing a situation in which you are not getting a better downloading speed. This is the situation in which you should be looking for solution and for that, here I am adding best and free Wi-Fi signal booster Android apps.

These apps are available for free, as I already mentioned so there is no pricing involved. They can bring significant results into the strength of the Wi-Fi signal your device is receiving but for better results, you still need to get closer to the router and also make sure that your device is working and compatible with latest Wi-Fi standards.

Best and Free Wi-Fi Signal Booster Android Apps

This is necessary that you keep the app working once you install and start experiencing a difference in the speed. I am pretty sure you will find that difference and now the only thing left is to be aware of the apps that will do the trick. So, here I start with my compilation.

1. Wifi Analyzer

This is the best and widely used application in this specific niche. You don’t need to pay for anything and also no need to do a lot of stuff. Once the app is installed it starts working on every Wi-Fi connection available with your device. After making a list of them and working on their strength and various other factors, it will point out the best network you should get connected.

Wifi Analyzer

It finds out the best connection by using channels. Every connection uses channels and the one which is having less crowd is going to offer you better speed. This is how the app works and you get an end result in your favor. No other feature is being offered by this application and there is nothing else to distract you. It got only two screens and focuses primarily on the purpose.

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2. 3G 4G WiFi Maps & Speed Test3g-4g-wifi-maps-speed-test

The best feature of this app is that it can walk you towards the location of best Wi-Fi signal which is being received by your device. Yes, it shows that direction on a Map, awesome right? This ensures that you are always connected to a better and faster Wi-Fi connection, especially in public places. The coverage map is additional feature which showcase the best location which is having best connection at a given time and place. Speed testing is also possible to be done inside.

It also maintains a ranking for every network your device is connected with and thus, help you to decide which one to connect with. The app is available for free and there are no advertisements served. You are also helped with proper support and reversely you are also helping other people to know how a particular public Wi-Fi connection is working.

The app can show upload, download and latency factors of every connection and even let you see the local cell towers. I am pretty sure that this app has covered almost every feature possible to deliver a faster connectivity and ensure to boost Wi-Fi signal on your Android device.

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3. WiFi Manager

You can call this app as a collection of all the Wi-Fi connections available in the area you live, work or travel mostly. It let you rename the connections by your own name, thus helping you to quickly find which one is better at a particular location. The app uses latest material based user interface issued with Android Lollipop 5.0 version, thus it looks good.

WiFi Manager

It also offers certain widgets which can be used to gain quicker access. After working for a week or few days, it can always point the best network to get connected with. If required, it can change IP addresses and switch between them to deliver better results. There are certain paid features inside which you should consider going for if interested.

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4. WiFi Overview 360Wifi Overveiw 360

Wlan scanner, detailed information, different widgets with 2×1 size, support for Android 4.x and above, tablet support, WLAN internet connection check, WLANs connection manual addition, channel checker, etc., are the features offered by this very helpful application for which you don’t need to pay anything.

It is also available in pro version (paid) offering more widgets, better UI, powerful Wi-Fi detection and quick connect shortcut settings. The app let you set WLAN priorities, thus helping the device to always get connected with the connection offering highest speed.

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5. Network Signal InfoNetwork-Signal-Info-Pro

If you are interested in knowing a lot of details (almost every) about a particular Wi-Fi connection (especially if you understand all those technical terms) then consider using this free app named Network Signal Info. Since, it offers all those additional information, so you can always make the right decision and find which works best and which not, for a particular time or place.

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6. WiFi Connect

It is the most basic one in this list and it simply offers a list of Wi-Fi connections based on signal strength, channel number, link speed, security type, IP number and hardware vendor. See if you can get some help with these data to find best Wi-Fi connection in your local.

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7. Veloxity Wi-Fi Mobile Network Speed

This is a personal assistant app which will help you utilize your data and compare Wi-Fi options. This app won’t just focus on signal strength but it will also let you know how strong your Wi-Fi connection is by checking the network load, and Veloxity will help you get the best possible connection by showing you which public Wi-Fi options are going to be the fastest. It will also let you know how strong the Wi-Fi is going to be in comparison to how close or far away you are from the Wi-Fi spot.

You can use this app to de-clutter and clean your home Wi-Fi and it will help you compare Wi-Fi with Ceullar Net App Speed to help you choose the best and fastest option.

Veloxity also measures your Network speed in real time by checking the network speed of every app on your phone, so you’ll know how each app will perform according to your current Wi-Fi options so you can get the most out of your tie.

This Veloxity app will also help you track your data usage per individual app so you can manage your quota easily and see which apps take up the most of your data. This will help you manage your data usage and make your data allowance last longer without any extra cost. Veloxity is free to download.

8. NETGEAR Wi-Fi Analytics

NETGEAR Wi-Fi Analytics is an app that uses advances analytics to improve your existing connection or improve a public Wi-Fi network. With this app you will be able to see your network status clearly, you will be able to find and avoid crowded Wi-Fi channels which may run more slowly as a result of traffic and you can instead find clearer channels with less interference and thus faster speeds.

This app is very easy to use and is perfect for people who are less tech savvy and just want a fast internet connection. NETGEAR can help you find a better connection inside and outside of your house and many users have said this app has helped them find the best Wi-Fi areas in their home and helped them connect their device faster and easier. The only problem people tend to have with this app is that NETGEAR requires your location to be on in order to work and some people found that a bit intrusive in regards to privacy and data sharing.

9. Internet Booster & Optimizer

This internet booster app was designed to enhance your internet speed and your overall browsing experience. Whilst this app cannot change the actual internet speed that is provided by your service provider they can use a series of optimizations that help you get the most out of your internet speed.

This app performs tasks like cleaning your RAM memory, cleaning your cache regularly and pausing secondary tasks all helps speed up your browsers performance without any extra effort on your part. Some customers have found that this app doesn’t work on their device, but others have been delighted with the results and say that their internet speed has vastly increased after installing the Internet Booster & Optimizer.

10. Wi-Fi Signal Booster

The Wi-Fi Signal Booster can help boost your Wi-Fi signal and ensure you get the highest internet speed possible. This app will show you your current signal strength and will give you the option of boosting it for a faster connection speed. It improves your wireless network efficiency and puts you in control so you can boost your Wi-Fi as and when you wish. The Wi-Fi Signal Booster app is easy to use and very effective, which is probably why this is one of the most popular Wi-Fi enhancing apps available for android.

Final Words

These were the apps and I hope you find this compilation helpful. Let me know the one you are finally choosing and going to use. If one doesn’t get compatible with your particular Android device, you need to pick one. This is very common on Android platform, given the diversity of manufacturers and different versions of hardware involved. Peace.

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