Console 2: The Best Windows Command Prompt Replacement

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July 1, 2015

Even if you are a hardcore fan of Windows operating system, then still you will be admitting the fact that it is way old fashioned in terms of features, security and performance benchmarks of the current 2015 computing standards.

One of the powerful software application every Windows OS ships with is the Command Prompt, a command line program to execute code instead of using the GUI commands.

But, what if that command line program is also outdated? Yes, it’s true! You can find command line program in other OS, which are way better than what Windows is offering to us. For example, take the command line program which ships with every Linux operating system.


It works fast, can do things at a much high speed, can execute more code at a single time, and can offer bunch of additional features which are not at all supported by the Command Prompt of Windows OS.

The Best Windows Command Prompt Replacement

Now, you have two options. Either, buy a Linux based system or a Mac (it uses OS X which also has better working and looking command line program called, Terminal), or start using a third party software that can replace the default Command Prompt.

Of course, if you can look at the brighter side, and probably if you are a developer, then buying a Mac system will be the better choice. But, if you still want to stay with what Microsoft is offering, then here is your chance to know the best alternative to Command Prompt.

Console 2 is the software name and it comes without any price tag. I am here to share certain facts and features about this software that will give you enough reason to make the switch.

Console 2 Review

Personally, I was surprised to see the number of reviews and users this software program has got till now. There is even no need to install it on your system. You just need to grab its package, extract it in the C Drive, in any folder (it will be best to keep it under Programs) and then you are ready to launch the Console 2 by clicking on its .exe (executable) file.

I recommend you to download it from its official website only. Also, you will be needing Winrar or similar software to deal with the package extraction.


From the very first hour of using it, you will start experiencing the increase in productivity. You are allowed to run different commands or programs in different tabs (yes, just like Chrome or Firefox).

You can also change layouts, fonts and supports many keyboard shortcuts for faster operation. Even the switching between two active tabs is possible using a keyboard shortcut.

Another handy feature is that you are allowed to add Powershell utility of Windows operating system into the Console 2. Once it’s added, you will be allowed to perform a lot of additional activities which were not possible otherwise.

You are allowed to change or set the keyboard shortcuts as you please and also allowed to do some visual customization. My best part is that I was allowed to resize the Console 2 window and even run it on full-screen mode.

So, start using it guys and don’t forget to share the experience you got. Let me know if you like it better than Command Prompt or not. See you in comments!

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